About Us, and How We Got Here

I’m Bill, she’s Mia. We both worked, we both married (not to each other) and we both had kids (but not with each other). Neither one of us are degreed. She was a software techie doing end user support for corporate offices like Quaker Oats and Sargent & Lundy; I worked on commodity exchanges, bookkeeping, cellular sales and in IT (mostly supporting fortune 500 companies). We never made a ton of money and we never saved much.

One day we woke up, and (as my daughter “lovingly” described me on my last birthday card) realized that we were “older than dirt” and broke. – I Googled the different eras of time: the Paleozoic, the Mesozoic, the Cenozoic but could find nothing about the “Older Than Dirt” era. Hmmm??? My best guess is it is somewhere around the age of 60 years old. That would fit.

So here we are – older than dirt and broke. Hence begins our “Old as Dirt, Broke and Surviving” blog, where we share our adventures and experiences surviving “full time” in Ms. Lucy, a 1988 35’ Holiday Rambler Aluma-Lite RV (with 78,281.2 miles on it ) along with our 5.25 lb crazy little Chihuahua, Snoopy..

We’ll try and keep it light and humorous, because that is the way you need to view life – OR – you go bat shit crazy. I once worked with a guy who quipped, “life is endless series of disappointing compromises and then you die”.  You got’ta smile at that, cause you KNOW there are SOME happy times mixed in too.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the crazy side of life.


4 thoughts on “About Us, and How We Got Here

  1. Hey there, just stumbled across you guys and it sounds like we were in the same “boat”. Just read your intro and now gonna look at the rest of your stuff and bring self up to date. We’ve been full-timers since 2011 and have never looked back. Co¨rse we have one of those fancy “new” rigs. Ours is a 40′ Winnebago Ulitmate Freedom we have christened “The Liberty Belle”. Home pot is Houston, TX. Hope to see you guys on the road one day. You can check us o¨t at: https://www.facebook.com/travelswithdickandjudy/ See Ya!

  2. Just found y’all…I’m in Marion. 30 something foot 1992 Alumalite, yay me! I hope your Christmas was great!
    Great blog by the way 😉

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