Thousand Trails Lake Conroe, Willis TX… Our Final Day for This Winter.

Cost: $3 per day with our Thousand Trails membership
Date Stayed: Two week cycles from 11/13/2016-04/23/2017
Altitude 239 feet
Days #699-860 – 6562 miles downrange


-Bill Here-

It is a Thousand Trails park. Not bad. Electric is good. Water is OK. Almost all sites have sewer hookups. Most sites drain well after a storm. Sites are pretty level BUT are gravel. Large gravel. As in, twist your ankle if you step on one of the rocks wrong, gravel. All our sites had a picnic table and fire ring. Depending on which site, spacing is good.

Lots of things for kids. Pool, tennis and basketball courts, Activity Center and on and on.

This was our second winter here. Things have changed. The weekends are really crowded now. I assume it is because Thousand Trails opened it to the public and more seasonal sites. Plenty of rules, but little enforcement. Nothing really bad, but the “quality” of campers has deteriorated.

If we’re both above ground and still rolling this fall we’ll probably be back. Mostly because the limitations of our membership may be too severe to get us into the Florida Thousand Trail Parks anymore.

One word of warning. Management here WILL NOT allow you to receive any USPS mail here. They will refuse it – Return To Sender. Even Priority Mail – except medicine. That can be a real problem if you are not aware of it. Probably because it would be a violation of Federal Law to charge you $2 per package like they do for FedEx and UPS.

Mia’s Turn –


As usual, Bill and I agree on most things, but we each see those same things from a slightly different perspective.  So – my view of TT Lake Conroe. . . It has been a good place for us to winter – neither of us are really  “Florida people”. High heat and high humidity is not my thing, neither is the higher cost of Florida living. but in the Southeast part of Texas is great in the winter – November thru March. Lower humidity, and temps ranging from 50s to high 70s daytime and 30s to 50s at night – perfect sleeping weather. Lots of seniors love the heat –  but for me, I like a cooler crisper temp at night.  Lake Conroe has that in spades.  Also, when storms move thru here, they seem to be smaller, and less violent than the ones that go thru Hill country, to the west of here. There are storms and tornado warnings / watches here even as early as late Feb. but the sheer force of the storms don’t seem as harsh as those further west even tho they are more frequent.

Shopping is convenient – just a few miles down the road one way to Kroger’s, and if you go a different route you are quickly at Sam’s Club, Walmart, Big Lots, Michael’s, almost any big box, big chain store or restaurant that you could want, It’s easy to find what ever yu might need, and easy to get around. Our experience in finding good service for Ms. Lucy has been pretty good here, and that is hard to find because of her age. Many places are either afraid to work on her, or are willing but don’t have any experience on older engines.

The week end campers flood the place on Fridays and start the exodus on Sunday morning. Lots of kids, some very well  behaves, others . . . not so much. Same as their parents – it doesn’t take long to see which kids belong to which parents. In general the campground is more crowded now than it was when we first stayed here in 2015.

The wild flowers in this area are beautiful – pinks, reds, purples, yellows, blues – the grass is alive  with color and I truly love that. Even in the campground the grass is full of beauty at this time of year. But, the thermometer daily keeps reading higher and higher and the humidity is following right along, so it is definitely time to get back on the road and head North. So long for now Texas, we’ll be back!


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