Texas High Plains – Where the Wind Never Stops!


Me, in the High Plains wind!


Texas High Plains. – Love the wide open spaces, love the friendly down to earth people. Love the wind that is always present. – The wind- ahh, yes, the wind. Here it is almost always present, – like an old friend, constantly there. Sometimes it is gentle, a light refreshing breeze, softly sighing through the window, making the sunny days pleasantly warm instead of scorchingly hot. Sometimes it rages and gusts, blowing small objects ahead of it, along with dust and grit that filters in through the screens. It shrieks and screams and howls through every tiny crack around any opening of Ms. Lucy. At other times, it rocks her like a mother lulling her baby to sleep. When the wind is still, – when it is calm for more than a few moments, it seems eerily quiet – too quiet – something important is missing; and when the wind returns, the world seems right again.
The wind, that I love so dearly, does come with a price for a woman. That price is that you will never have neat hair again, – ever. The wind teases and pulls and coaxes the hair from its proper place, calling it like a siren to blow free in the breeze. – Ever wonder why the Native American women (and men) are shown with their hair in braids? The pioneer women have their hair tucked into bonnets tied tightly under their chins?? It’s the wind. – The better to keep it out of your face, and especially out of your eyes!!


She knows how to handle the wind in her hair!

Since we have been on the road full time, I’ve let my hair grow out – and now after almost 2 years, it is well past my shoulders. The reason is simple – short haircuts require constant maintenance. When you live full time in your RV, and you don’t have a towed vehicle, it’s difficult to find a place to get a haircut that can accommodate your 36 ft. rig in the parking lot. Since we prefer rural places and small towns, where there may not even be a barber shop within a 30 mile radius, Great Clips is not a realistic option. – so, I fight with the wind and my hair. I’ve tried pony tails, barrettes, Claw / clips, combs and any combination you can think of, along with industrial strength hairspray – but the wind just laughs at my silly attempts to tame it!


A beautiful shot that captures the winds sweeping through the High Plains – wish I could take credit but I can’t claim it – Kudos to who ever did!

Time to go to hats – maybe bandanas – right now I’m wearing a baseball type hat. Next I’ll try a cowgirl hat. But. . . . the wind loves hats too . . . so they have to be pinned on or tied on. .. What’s that noise? Do I hear a soft chuckling in the distance? The wind just laughs as it whistles on by.


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