Big Ones. Small ones. Fat ones. Tall ones. – Silos are EVERYWHERE !


The further north we moved the more we saw silos. More and more silos. In every town, between towns, silos everywhere.

Coming from the Midwest, this puzzled me. Yes, there were fields of agricultural crops here in Texas. But nothing like in Illinois or Indiana where they stretched out from horizon to horizon. Why so many silos?


Then it dawned on me. I theorized that they were “reverse silos”. Not for storing the grain at harvest time. But to store imported grain for the cattle which DID sometimes stretch out from horizon to horizon.

But I needed to find an expert to validate my theory. I found one on Facebook. Megan at the Texas Grain & Feed Association. Her reply:

“You are correct. Depending on the need, grain can be purchased from other parts of the US and even the world. There are elevators that store grain and feed mills that manufacture feed from grains. Some elevators have feed mills on site.”


Glad to know the old brain is still working even though it took me a while to realize that if I grew up in Texas then Midwest silos would be the “reversed” one.

So, if you want to see some hardworking folks having some good old Texas fun click on the link below:

Texas Grain & Feed

Say hi and tell ‘em that “Midwest Bill with the dumb silo question” sent you.



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