Route 66 RV Ranch in Amarillo, TX


Remember the old Test Pattern that would appear when nothing was being broadcast over the air-waves . . . .

About 34 miles East from Walnut RV Park in Vega, TX

Cost: 2 days @ $36.00 per day
Date stayed: 8/4/2016 – 8/5/2016
Altitude 3,601 feet
Days #598-599 – 4,875 miles downrange

-Bill Here-

Not much to say. Utilities were OK. BUT electric outlets on pedestal are installed UPSIDE DOWN. Park was kinda “tight”. Because the people to our left had two vehicles we could not make the swing to pull out and had to pull forward through an empty site. A little creepy, but not overly so. Right off I-40. Our site had a view looking westbound. Anecdotally, lot’s of RV’s and Uhaul’s moving on down westbound on I-40.

We stayed here for a provisioning run. Sam’s Club, Walmart and United Grocers were very close.

Would be OK for another short stay. But I think I might try another one of the RV Parks right in the area. All about the same price. At $36, it was OK but unremarkable.


This is actually a photo of the Multi -purpose Park  taken from the Route 66 RV park website. Not my photo, and it is actually nicer than this photo shows.

~ Mia’s 2 ¢ ~

This place was so unremarkable that we didn’t even get the camera out to take a photo. Not even one.  It was barren – desolate – boring – and somehow, just not pleasant. – There was a small “Park / Playground / Dog Park” area which doubled as the Tent camping area.  It had a swing, slide, ‘monkey bars” and a covered pavilion with a communal grill.  It was well maintained and had a nicely watered lawn – although small. There were several large trees which made it a nice little oasis in the blistering hot park. –

Although bags and a waste bin were provided for doggie doo. there were several LARGE piles laying within 5 ft of the unused bags and waste container. They were there when we arrived and still there when we left. – This was not the fault of the management, but was more a comment on some of the campers who were staying there.  And yes, I  was (and always try to be) careful to pick up our 5lb. Chihuahuas  “disposables” just because it’s the right thing to do . One of my pet peeves is people who are irresponsible about cleaning up after their pets – and especially so in a multi-use area like that.

Sooooo, while it was adequate for a short stop over, it was not a place I would want to return to or recommend. Sometimes a place just doesn’t have a good “vibe”, even though you can’t point to anything specific. For me, this was one of those places.


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