32 Miles East on I-40 Frontage Road from Vega, TX to Amarillo, TX


Where there’s Smoke

8/04/2016 Day #598

-Bill Here-

Great Balls of Fire and Automobile “Monoliths”.

It first appeared low on the horizon. Smoke and we all know what that means. We got closed and closer and eventually saw the flames. It was a race. We needed to get by it BEFORE those gusty winds out of the south pushed it over I-40 and our frontage road path! Will we make it?

We made it,  and left the mini-conflagration in our rear view mirror. But that was not the end of “strange” that day! . . . . . . Mia…


Fire rapidly spreading towards livestock and buildings

Mia’s 2 Cents

Brush Fire – – I’ve seen the controlled burns  used by Plains farmer /ranchers when the clear off their fields, and this may have been one of those when it started, but it seemed to have gotten out of control. Greedy flames and tall columns of billowing smoke;  Smoke that was blowing  towards  acres and acres of open prairie, ranch houses, out buildings, equipment and livestock. . . and the frontage road that we were traveling on.We drove for several miles,getting closer and closer to the source of all that smoke, driving into the haze that the smoke created, and then. . .  we heard the first of many volunteer fire vehicles racing to help control the fire before it could destroy crops,homes or life. They came, from all directions, passing us from behind, coming from in front of us, cutting across the frontage road, streaking down the little dirt side roads, . . the cavalry of unsung heroes that would make the land safe once more.


The famous “Cadillac Ranch”seen from the road.

Just when we thought the day couldn’t have any more excitement, we came across the strangest sight yet – people parked along the side of the road -on either side, for about a quarter of a mile and were streaming into and out of a field  a few miles outside of  Amarillo. As we went past, I snapped the picture above – not knowing exactly what I was looking at. Later,when we got setup in our site for the night, we looked at the downloaded pictures – and realized we had driven right past a famous piece of American Roadside culture,without even knowing what we were looking at. The well known piece of folk art called “The Cadillac Ranch” .  Click to learn more about the Cadillac Ranch  

Wow – it’s amazing what you can see on a short, 30 mile road trip. . .!!


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