Walnut RV Park in Vega, TX


Sitting at our site, view from the driver’s seat

About 95 miles from Waylon Jennings RV Park in Littlefield, TX

Cost: 2 days @ $25.00 per day
1 week @$125.00
Date stayed: 7/26/2016 – 8/3/2016
Altitude 4,060 feet
Days #589-597 – 4,839 miles downrange

-Bill Here-

A VERY nice park right on Historic Route 66 just off I-40. Spacious reasonable sites are well kept. WiFi, electric, water, and sewer all first class. Huge laundry room. Very secure park as friendly owners are are onsite. Roosters TexMex restaurant right across the street (Historic US Route 66) and is rated 4.5+ out of 5.

We stayed a night. Then another. Then a week. About 30 miles to Amarillo or NM border. No pool but for those people who spend a lot of time in RV parks, this is the kind of place that just “feels right”.


Rooster’s., just across the road on historic Rt.66

Mia’s 2 Cents

Well. I have to agree with all the stuff that Bill has already said, but of course, i have to elaborate . . . .There are a couple of things that make this place unique for me. One is the great view .  Out the port side,  there is old Rt.66. People stop at all times of the day to take pictures of the signs. People in cars, in trucks and in RV’s,just stopping in the middle of the road, getting out and taking a quick photo. It’s fun to see the young, the older and the in between as they pose for their pictures. Then there is the Rooster itself, – a tiny little restaurant, out in the middle of the High Plains of  Texas, with a great Tex – Mex menu and a parking lot that is always full. At times, the over flow spills into the neighboring fields and along the highway. Out the starboard side and somewhat farther away, is I40 with it’s never ending parade of trucks. Cattle trucks, tankers, grain haulers, you name it- flowing in a steady stream all night and day.   The other thing for me, is the ever present wind -Ms.Lucy rocks  in the constant wind and it feels like the soothing motion of a boat in a gently breeze. Even more enjoyable because you know that gentle breeze can sometimes turn to a raging  beast, but usually doesn’t. – Ahhhh – This is a quiet place, a good safe place, for folks who full-time and want to have a safe and comfortable place to stay for a night, a week, or longer.  It’s not meant for families who are looking for a destination spot where the kids can be endlessly entertained, but for those who live on the road it is a nice little oasis.


View off the Starboard side – I.40 in the distance with truck traffic




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