Anecdotal Observations Regarding Fulltime RVing on the Planet Earth.


Photo is a still from the classic, “Grapes of Wrath.” There were a a million stories during that migration across country, just as there are today.

From our observations over the past 4 1/2 years of full timing, it would appear to me that there are 4 classes of “RVing” that occur in most RV Parks.

Class 1: These are people who own 5th wheels and Pickup Trucks that cost almost $100,000 or more OR people who own Class A’s or Class C’s and toads that can cost upwards of $500,000. This class can demand perfection and can routinely stay at any RV Park, regardless of cost. They may be full-timers or “recreational” Part-timers. They are mobile. They have many options.

Class 2:  People who own smaller travel trailers, 5th Wheels or older Class A or Class C RVs. They are generally found in more inexpensive State, Federal or private RV parks. They may be full-timers or “recreational” Part-

timers. They are mobile. They have more limited options.

Class 3: Working people who live permanently or semi-permanently in a RV. May be a Class A or Class C, 5th Wheel or Travel Trailer.  They may be working a temporary job or between jobs. They may spend X months at one location and X months at another location. They usually are semi-mobile. They may have even more limited options.

Class 4:  People who are long term in a RV Park for a variety of reasons. Maybe unemployed, living on a small fixed income, or for whatever reason this is their only option. Used Travel Trailers can be had for a little as $500. Coupled with monthly site fees as low as $200, this is their ONLY option to live.  They are not mobile and are living out their lives in the RV Park as their neighborhood.

I don’t look down my nose at anyone. I know what it is like to be down and out. My comments are only to illustrate what the state of this country is. There are probably hundreds of thousands of people in RV Parks on any given day – and “There Are Millions of Stories in RV City”.


Moven’ on down the road.  Photo from “Grapes of Wrath”


2 thoughts on “Anecdotal Observations Regarding Fulltime RVing on the Planet Earth.

  1. Good analysis. Undoubtedly correct. Some of the “conflicts” in full-timer groups on Facebook come from people in the different groups you list above interacting.

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