98 Miles North on U.S. Route 385 Littlefield,TX to Vega, TX


Heading north on 385

– Bill Here –

Mia has already summed it up well with her “Beef It’s What’s for Dinner” post. That and the post about Dimmitt were part of this stretch.

But to reiterate. Corn, Windfarms, Cattle and the trucks that transport them, HUGE Dairy Farms and Feedlots in numbers that numb the mind. And the sky. If the Universe is endless, then the Texas sky must be right behind it. The abandoned buildings. Dreams that have come and gone…

You could spend a lifetime traveling in Texas and see only a fraction of 1% of all there is to see and feel.


Cattle – As far as the eye can see

~ Mia ‘s 2 Cents ~

We’ve wandered through the Piney Woods country and through the beautiful Texas Hill Country, and loved all of it, but for me, – for us so far, the Texas High Plains has captured my heart – it lets my soul breathe. The vast expanses bring a sense of awe that I haven’t found elsewhere.



2 thoughts on “98 Miles North on U.S. Route 385 Littlefield,TX to Vega, TX

  1. You two need to find the movie “Giant” and watch it if you already haven’t. That to me was the last epic movie produced by Hollywood with some top name actors. Sort of a Texas style “Gone with the Wind” movie of how Texas was during the oil boom years and how things changed forever in Texas, but the scenery shots are awesome. Mikey

    • We’ve seen it, but you are right. We need to watch it AGAIN now that we have seen what we have seen driving through Texas. Besides the Texas scenery, Elizabeth Taylor was always easy on the eyes back then. GREAT suggestion!

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