Waylon Jennings RV Park in Littlefield, TX

About 48 miles from Mesa Verde RV Park in Wolfforth (Lubbock), TX

Cost: Free, but donation requested.
Date stayed: 7/25/2016
Altitude 3,545 feet
Day #588  – 4,744 miles downrange


Entrance way to Waylon Jennings Park in Littlefield – note the Ace Hardware sign barely visable  in lower right corner.

Bill Here

City run Park in the hometown of Waylon Jennings. About 15 spaces. No sewer. Only a few appear to have electric. Some of the water faucets are broken. Dirt sites with some grass. Cement picnic tables under little covered “pavilions” Low hanging tree branches. But trees offered SHADE to some sites. Yay!

When we pulled  in about 11:00 am  we were the only RV there. That gave us a chance to pick a site with SHADE, no low hanging branches, water and electric.

The park is right next to a combination Ace Hardware/Radio Shack. Somebody was going out of business. Inside the Radio Shack area were shopping carts with discounted merchandise. Outside were cardboard bins with discounted housewares, lawnmower belts and all sorts of stuff.

I went in to buy some rechargeable batteries, cable coax and a fuse. Nope. Nope. And Nope. Ever see an Ace Hardware or Radio Shack with NO rechargeable batteries? The weirdness of that coupled with the sign on the door, “No Backpacks Allowed” kinda freaked me out. I was happy to see more RVs pull into the park.

THEN… The DUST STORM came right thru town. About 5:30pm the wind picked up and the sky turned brownish red. The dust storm only lasted about 20 minutes. But it was the first one I was ever in. Wow!


Dust storm seen out our dinette window.

Mia’s Turn

Waylon Jennings Park- well – believe it or not, after over a year and a half of being on the road full time, this was our first “free” park. I didn’t really know what to expect so I had no preconceived expectations. When we pulled in, it appeared somewhat desolate – we were the only rig in the place and I wondered why. – But as we looked at the sites, I was glad because as Bill noted, it allowed us to pick the very best site in the park. There was only one that was long enough to allow us full shade for most of the day and also had functioning water and electric.

The dust storm was a surprise. For three years, as a youngster,  I had lived in Kansas – well known for it’s flat prairies and occasional dust devils – but it had been so long ago that I had forgotten how suddenly they can spring up, turning a blue sky into hazy brown.  It was our first dust storm, but I’m sure it won’t be our last.

The park, as well as the town – at least the part we saw of it, had a slightly run down feel to it- not totally neglected –  the grass was cropped very short, bit more as though the mechanism that runs the town had winding down – running out of energy to keep on top  of things. like an old lady that can no longer keep her garden free of weeds. – While I was not concerned about our safety, it was nice to see three other rigs pull into the park before nightfall.  In all, I would stay there again as an over night stop – if I could be sure to get the spot with the shade!





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