Mesa Verde RV Park in Wolfforth, TX (Lubbock)

about 109 miles from Hat Creek RV Park in Big Spring, TX

2 nights / 1@ $35.00 and 1 @17.50 with Passport America ($52.50 total)
7/23/2016 – 7/24/2016
Altitude 3,299 feet
Days #586-587    4,696 miles downrange


Ms. Lucy with her sunglasses on – note pedestal hookup to right.

– Bill Here –

Nice park. Full hookups. Site level with premium gravel. Free WIFI and cable. As usual we did not use any of the amenities. NO shade (and very hot), so Ms. Lucy had to put on her sunglasses.

One strange thing. We were right by the front and the Park WiFi antenna completely overwhelmed our local network. No big deal, we broke out the Ethernet cables.


Mia’s Turn

Yeah – what he said. Nice enough for an over-nite.  – The one thing that made this place notable, – from my point of view, was the absolutely stunning flowering trees that were planted around the edges of the park. I have not seen anything like it before and as we drove around Lubbock,to get too Sam’s Club, I saw  the same type of trees planted in the mall – islands as landscaping / ornamentals. The blossoms varied from tree to tree – some were light pink, some pale lavender, and some deep fuchsia or purple. After researching on Google, I thought they might be Oriental Orchid trees – but while the blooms look like them, the leaves are very different. The leaves look similar to that of the Rosemary bush, and not at all like the leaves of the Orchid tree. I am still trying to find out what they are – but what ever they may be, they are spectacular.





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