Hat Creek RV Park in Big Spring,TX

about 109 miles from San Angelo KOA in San Angelo,TX

1 night @ $30.00
Day #585, 4,587 miles downrange


-Bill Here-

There is a story here, what it is ain’t exactly clear. This park looks like it was being upgraded. Then something happened??? The pedestals are very modern. But the water faucets are at ground level barely visible in the weeds. No trees and hot sun all day. We had to move once because there was a giant red ant plantation on our site. Snoopy the Chihuahua got a bite. The sites were rough gravel and level. The high quality picnic tables sit on very nice slabs. Web site says Free Direct TV and High Speed DSL is available. I dunno. That’s all folks.


Mia’s Turn

Yes, there is a story here –  and I don’t know what it is either – The pictures say it all for me –  they show the open plains kind of country that surrounds Big Spring. The scrub brush, the dusty yellow clay. You can feel the wind that is always blowing – the history books say that some of the early settlers on the prairies and plains, would loose a little of their sanity from the constant whispering of the wind. – But it teems with life if you sit still and watch. – From inside Ms. Lucy, I watched rabbits running across the open spaces to the safety of the scrub, and when the sun was early in the sky, and I was taking Little Snoopy out for his morning walk, I heard a Bob-O-Link call and the sweetest bird song ever that I could not identify.

The heat was brutal and the red ants were a nightmare. These were not the usual little fire ants that are all over the South. These were large red ants- and one sunk it’s pincers into Little Snoopy’s toe pad and would not let go. When he yelped and held up his back paw, I thought he had a sand burr  – (another thing that is everywhere in the  South and West.) But when I picked him up to remove the “burr” I found a nasty little ant that did not want to let go. – Needless to say, he had a  very sore paw for a little while, however,  he still felt much better than the ant did, after I removed it.  Thanks to a quick dose of baby Benadryl he was fine by the end of the evening. – Lesson learned – double check for ant hills before backing into a site.







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