San Angelo KOA

2 nights @ $31.95
7/20/2016 – 7/21/2016
Days 583-584

-Bill Here-

What can I say? It’s a KOA. Well kept. Nice gravel. Less expensive than most. We didn’t use any of the amenities. Trees are scattered throughout the park. We did have one tree that helped keep the stern somewhat sheltered from the afternoon sun. Hookups were fine. Picnic table. Typical RV Park close to your neighbor setup.


Shadow is from Mr. Lucy – taken when sun was setting and  it was shady enough to take a photo without heat stroke!

Mia’s turn –

It was HOT!! Just plain hot – brutally hot. The KOA staff were very friendly, helpful and welcoming. I definitely  felt like a welcomed guest at check in – which is not always the case. In general, we don’t stay at KOAs simply because we are full timers and the KOAs have priced themselves out of our market. However, this one was a little more reasonable and the best alternative in the San Angelo area.

The entire park was planted with Acacia trees – lovely  and feathery, but still fairly small – they did provide some shade early in the morning and late in the afternoon / evening. For the real heat of the day they did not do much. the entire park was covered with fine smooth pebbles – very practical and kept the dust down, and there were islands of grass and Acacias sprinkled over the area.

If you are into the amenities, they did have a pool, laundry and of course showers. Since we full time, we are pretty much self sufficient and rarely have a need to use the campground facilities. They also had cable which required a digital converter box if you were not hooking up to a computer screen or a digital TV and the WIFI was reliable and fairly fast.  In all it was an adequate stop for a night or two, but not a destination.





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