Refectix - Available at Lowe's , Home Depot, and some Walmart's  - This stuff really works!!

Refectix – Available at Lowe’s , Home Depot, and some Walmart’s – This stuff really works!!

Until we can get our Air Conditioning repaired we have to survive. We have some work-arounds and some lifestyle changes implemented to do so.

Bedroom A/C is on 24 hours a day. We bought a 20″ box fan to blow the cool air from the bedroom towards the front. All workable awnings (1 of 5) down. Exterior Reflectix on front windshield. Either shades down or interior Reflectix on all windows.

Even with the above, dinette and fore areas become unlivable between 15:30 and 18:30 with interior temperatures rising to 88 degrees and above. At that point, we are in forced siesta mode into the bedroom where it is usually a cool 75 degrees.

Siesta Time  - even "Lil Snoopy takes a break from guard duty when it gets too hot.

Siesta Time – even “Lil Snoopy takes a break from guard duty when it gets too hot.

So far so good.Just need that rear A/C to hang on until next week.


4 thoughts on “Houston, We Are DECLARING AN EMERGENCY! – Part II

  1. I feel your pain… here in Surfside Beach it’s breezy but inside the 5er, the A/C in the front room is hit and miss– turn it on, then off, then on again til the A/C guy arrives tomorrow to clean. We have a LASKO fan that also has a Power Center (not sure the model) but your idea of cranking the bed air and directing towards the front is great! Keep cool!

    • We also bought the insulated foil on 1 side insulation board from Lowe’s and cut to size for windows.
      If heat gets unbearable and your TV has no leaks and water is no problem, put a sprinkler or a mister hose on your roof- cools it many degrees inside.

      • Reflectix is a wonderful thing! Just saw a post by another RVer who used a double thickness of Reflectix ans said it was amazing how much more effective that made it. I would love to try the mist idea but the park is pretty strict about water usage. I can understand it, when I look at the huge cracks in the ground here – and no rain in sight.

    • Thanks Colleen! It sure does make you appreciate the luxury of Air Conditioning – we usually take it for granted and expect it to work , When it stops working, it makes me stop and wonder just how people survived the heat before AC was invented. – Yikes, and with all the heavy, long clothing that they wore too!
      Good luck with the repairs and stay as cool as you can today!

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