Blazing Texas  Sun

Blazing Texas Sun

At approximately 19:30 hours on Sunday, August 2nd 2015 (Day #229) I was sitting at my computer next to the primary Air Conditioning unit. I noticed the pitch of the fan slow. I got up, turned the unit off and attempted to restart it. It was inoperable and only emitted a humming noise. After repeated attempts I knew we had a BIG PROBLEM. With daytime temperatures between 100 – 108 degrees and heat indexes near 120 degrees this was a failure of a primary life support system. Tomorrow Ms. Lucy would turn into giant easy bake oven and we would be the cookies!


Ms. Lucy has two A/C units and although we have not used the one located in the bedroom it had been tested years ago and was functional. Now was the time to get it operational. We removed the ceiling cover to clean the filter, cover and check for debris and/or creatures that may be living in the ceiling cover assembly. All that unit had to do was to keep us cool overnight as we  prepared an plan to survive until the Primary A/C was repaired. It will be a night of intermittent sleep as we run scenarios through our minds as we dream of possible plans to re-mediate the issue.


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