Doc, I Got The Drips, Anything You Can Prescribe For Me?

Yes, Ms Lucy has had the drips coming from her forward (primary) A/C unit into the area by the couch for a long time but Florida humidity and Texas heat have greatly compounded the problem. We have attempted to minimize the problem by listing Ms. Lucy to port. It has become less and less effective.  With the heat index reaching 120+ every single day, this was a major issue for us. Plus we are also full timers and our RV is also our home, so “leaving it for a few days” is not an option for us.The resolution was a trip to Russell’s RV Service in Conroe, Texas.

Couch covered with garbage bag to catch drips and route them into the bucket.

Couch covered with garbage bag to catch drips and route them into the bucket.

Bill called Russell’s and spoke to Mike, and set an approximate time to bring our unit in. We arrived and had barely pulled into the lot, when Mike came out to our unit, remembered the phone conversation and immediately addressed our problem. He got a ladder and went “up top” to inspect the unit and clear any clogged drains. He then came inside and sealed any places where warm air might be entering and causing condensation that would gather inside and drip down out of the cover. We plugged into their power supply and tested the AC for over 30 minutes. After 30 minutes all appeared well and we paid a very reasonable bill. Just as we were disconnecting the power supply, the water began again to drip from the inside.  – Mike went back up on the roof, and spent another 20 to 30 minutes in the blazing Texas sun until he had found an additional problem. The heat index was well over 100, and when we attempted to pay him for the additional time,he refused to take any more payment. In addition, he also gave us recommendations for a generator mechanic to fix our old Onan, and  a regular chassis mechanic to work on the parking brake.

While we were waiting for the repairs to be completed, several of the other employees said hello and made sure we were comfortable . I don’t know if everyone in Texas is this friendly and helpful, but I can’t say enough good things about  Russell’s!


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