Ocala Sun RV Resort, – Half Way Back to Wildwood

24 Miles from Wild Frontier, Ocala FL to Ocala Sun RV Resort, Ocala, FL

3 nights @ $22.per night + $5.34 tax = $72.00 with Passport America discount

5/9/2015 – 5/12/2015 Days 144-147

Ms Lucy is HOT

Ms Lucy is HOT

-Bill Here-

A nice Park. Full 3 point hook up. Good free WiFi. Very friendly and helpful staff. But it is coming summer in FL. Park was very empty. It is hot. Our section was virtually treeless, so we had blazing sun. We put the ReflecTix up, pulled the workable awnings down, turned the A/C on high and stayed cool. We did not use any of the amenities.

-Mia Here-

I’ve heard Florida residents say that this “Spring” is unusually hot . . . . and so I will assume that they know what they are talking about. – As for me, . . . well, I have never been a fan of hot tubs or saunas – not even “up North” where people think it’s fun sip wine while sitting in a hot tub on their deck and watching the snow fall. The few times I’ve tried either hot tub or Sauna, I felt as though I were going to pass out and had to get out after only a few minutes. That sort of sums up my feelings about being in Central FL during one of their hottest Springs on record. – Getting back to the Ocala Sun; the staff were truly wonderful! They were beyond helpful and friendly and I can’t say enough good things about them. The sites were easy to access – we were in the pull through, short term section. It was very well kept. The park maintenance man, Sarge, was available to fill propane tanks , pick up trash if you put it out by the street, and guide you into your site. Snoopy, our 5 lb. chihuahua, is very particular about who he likes – and even he absolutely loved the gal at the front office, and even tried to climb in the golf cart with Sarge and ride around with him. The long tern residents and park models were around the outer perimeters and they were nicely kept, no trashy stuff at all. – The sites were grassy, and you did not track sand into your unit constantly, which was a big plus! – The heat (mid 90’s with plenty of humidity) was merciless with no shade available. That was the only negative, and not the fault of the park in any way. Bottom line, – I think it would be a great park for Winter stays -but for me, it was one big sauna due to the heat.


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