Walt’s Brakes and More – The “Mayo Clinic” of RV, Truck and Auto Repair

Walt's in Ocala, Florida

Walt’s in Ocala, Florida

We are full-timers in a 1988 Holiday Rambler Class A with a tag axle. We were having major brake issues caused by a part that had failed, and was manufactured by a company that went out of business. The part was unavailable. Most brake shops and mechanics didn’t even understand what the part was or what it did and had no recommendations. Even calling junkyards, we were unable to locate a replacement.

Somehow I found the website for Walt’s Brakes and More in Ocala, FL.  I called. Not only (in a five minute phone conversation) did they IMMEDIATELY know the part, they knew the system and how it worked. When I asked to make an appointment I was told, “just show up we’ll take care of you”. So we headed 60 miles up the road to Ocala.

When we arrived they got us in promptly, diagnosed the problem immediately and set out to find a replacement part. Their search was as unproductive as mine. But they had a workaround. We agreed to come back the next morning to have the work done.

The next morning when we arrived we discovered that they had found a “part”, not THE part, but a part that was a better option than the workaround.

I need to digress for a moment, their “service manager area” is located in the waiting room. So you get to hear all the interactions with customers, suppliers. other shops calling in for advice and the mechanics talking with each other.

So that morning we got to listen as they discussed their expert plan of operation on how to modify THAT part to do the job our failed part no longer could do. I would guess that less than a handful of shops in the whole southeast could have figured that out. And in less than a day. The repair bill was very reasonable, the brakes worked flawlessly (better than they ever have) and no more leaking brake fluid.

If you are looking for a honest shop with VERY knowledgeable professional mechanics with superior troubleshooting skills that actually test their work after they complete the job. – Walt’s Brakes and More. Why would anyone even consider taking their RV, auto or truck anywhere else?  They’ve been in business for 50 years, and for a darn good reason.


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