We claw our way back… to the WILD FRONTIER

Wild Frontier Ocala, FL Cost: $17.50 1st two nights with Passport America. 2nd two nights $37.50 per night. Total 4 nights =$113.40 including tax. We would have stayed longer but $37.50 per night is a little rich for my blood in Ocala in May.

5/5/15 – 5/9/2015 Days 140-144

nice spot in partial shade at Wild Frontier in Ocala, FL

nice spot in partial shade at Wild Frontier in Ocala, FL

-Bill Here-

The park. OK place. 3 point. No problems. First spot assigned to us had sewer too far away. I went back to the office to talk to the little gal who handles these things. She is a trip, a petite little lady (Mia says she’s Philippine) who runs her computer like a hybrid of “I Love Lucy” and the man behind the curtail in “The Wizard Of Oz”. She has this aura of organized craziness around her that is hilarious. Gotta love it.

So we end up with a good spot with a little shade. Park has GREAT WiFi. It is somehow tied in with America Choice RV.

But our REAL reason to be here is Walt’s Brakes and More, about a mile away. And that deserves a post of its own.

Mia Here –

I really liked the Wild Frontier lot that we were in. It was paved, and level, and they had GRASS not sand, that came right up to the pavement. What a treat – no sand on Ms. Lucy’s hardwood floor!! No sand in my shoes, and no sand ground into the bottom of my feet – I loved it!! Also, was very quiet and I was so glad to have some shade during the hottest part of the day.

I also enjoyed the wildlife. In particular the little lizards – I think they are a type of Anole – but that’s another story for another day.  The dragon flies are everywhere here. So many different kinds, colors and sizes. . .  freaked me out at first due to a very unfortunate dragonfly encounter years (decades( ago. But I’m getting used to them now and appreciate that they eat some of the other bugs – like mosquitoes.


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