Breaking (BAD) News OR Great Balls of Flaming, Falling Bullshit


 Bill’s Thoughts

We have had a couple of chassis issues which were on the priority list.

1) NEW Squealing belts. (Which were just replaced in SC 4 weeks ago)
2) Non-functional oil gauge
3) Leaking unknown fluid.

So on Monday we drove Ms. Lucy to an RV repair facility in Eustis, FL. Even though we had made an appointment she sat around till about noon before they looked at it. (As we sat and sat and sat there waiting). After 4 hours the service manager came back and told us:

#1) Belts need to be retensioned.

#2) Oil gauge bad. He was talking about installing a whole new instrument panel. I told the service manager, “no thanks”. Just get me a oil gauge that works. Stick it on the dashboard with chewing gum if you have to.

#3) Hydro-boost system leaking. $600 for part and 3 hrs labor ($1000).
AND Rear main engine seal “appears” to be leaking. $50 part 6 hours labor (another $1000)

We tell him to just do the belts and oil gauge.

Conclusion – an additional 3 1/2 hours of “sitting time” we got an update from the service manager:

* Belts retensioned. Part of the noise was the was from a loose carburetor – Tightened

* The oil gauge was NOT bad – just a broken wire.

I asked whether the Hydro-boost system was leaking on the power steering side or the brake side. He didn’t know.

I know the Hydro-boost unit has several places where it can leak. Rebuild kits are available. AND I’m not too happy spending another $1000 bucks to replace a rear seal that only “appears” to be leaking without another opinion.

$266.16 in (basically) labor and sore asses, we move on. This place seemed honest. Just very disorganized.

Mia’s Thoughts

Mercury went retrograde on January 15th – it will go direct on Feb. 11th – although we may feel a few after shocks / tremors until 2/15. What has malfunctioned for you during this time period?? Equipment, electronics, business deals, contracts, communications. . . .????

Here is our list of Mercury Retrograde Malfunctions:

  1. Water Heater needed to be replaced
  2. 3 different (NEW) belts needed to have tension adjusted
  3. Oil gauge – wire from sending unit was faulty keeping it pegged at max.
  4. Light leak from something underneath Ms. Lucy – may or may not be rear seal leak
  5. Residential (new model) Whirlpool Refrigerator – bad fan motor
  6. Continuous issues with Internet connectivity.

That’s enough – thank you!! No more lessons, PLEASE!!

Bill is excellent in diagnoses and repair – (Thank You to the Universe!!) and we have replaced the water heater. Had belts tightened, oil gauge repaired. Now dealing with refrigeration issues.



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