Return To The Land Of The Old, Half Naked, Happy, Male Shuffleboarders

40 Miles from The Three Flags RV Resort in Wildwood, FL to Southern Palms, Eustis FL.

Cost: $25.29 per night on a We Want You Back (love and kisses?) Week Offer?

1/31/15 – 2/6/2015 Days 46-52



-Bill Here-

We return to Southern Palms on a “we want you back” deal for a week. And I like I said before, there is ALWAYS something going on here. Since we are still getting our “RV legs” and stay only for a short period of time we don’t participate in the activities. But if you want to stay busy, this is the place you could do it. The brochure says:

* 3 Clubhouses
* 950 Full Hookups
* 2 Heated Pools and Hot Tubs
* Planned Tours
* Laundry Facilities (reasonable $1.25 wash and dry)

You know when you pull into certain RV Parks it feels like they are bleeding you dry? Not here. Yes, there are employees driving around with door hangers enticing you to stay another day, or a week, or a month, or forever – all at a “great price”. Nothing wrong with that kind of hustle. It is why we came back HERE after 3 Flags. I’m not there yet, but if I was, I would seriously consider this place for a 6 month stay every year. It has a pulse. It has an “energy” to it. And very friendly office and maintenance staff.

Mia who obviously had an extra glass (or 2) of wine before she wrote her PART.  Her review/lovefest got it right.

In closing: “It’s a GREAT DAY at Southern Palms RV Resort”. I have a feeling that it is ALWAYS a Great Day at Southern Palms RV Resort. Just call them and ask.

Mia’s Thoughts

Now for a week at Southern Palms in Eustis. Registration was a totally different (and much more pleasant) experience. Bill is the logistics expert who makes the reservations and then goes into the office upon arrival to officially register and get site info etc. Here, at Southern Palms, there are staff members who lead you to your site and assist you with backing in etc. The staffer leads the way in a golf cart, and it makes me think of a little tug boat leading a lumbering freighter into port. It’s really nice to have the additional assist when you have to back into a tight site.

We were first assigned to lot #425. Uh oh, big problem. . . . it was a narrow lot, and right in the center of the lot, at the front, was a tree. – You could probably get a small class C, or a little Scamp type camper in there without too much trouble, but not our big gal! At 37 ft and about 14,000 lb, there was no way. No problem – a quick call to the office gave us two other options, and we fit nicely into lot # 427.

Green area behind / between rows - has Bocici Ball courts.

Green area behind / between rows – has Bocici Ball courts.

First observations – It is a large place – around 900 lots. It has actual named paved streets running through it. We are on Egret. The lots are level and grass covered. Some have concrete pads, most do not. Many park models and permanent residents here. Across the road is an older Coachman unit that has been here for decades. It has a large, built on enclosed porch, the wheels are long removed and it is completely skirted. Large flowering bushes, ferns and palms surround it. Up and down Egret, the units are probably about 60 to 70% permanent residences? A number of the park models are for sale by owner and have been added onto so heavily that there is no way they could ever be moved!! There are no shabby units. There are many vintage units but all show that they are well loved and carefully tended to. Ms. Lucy is in very good company.

The staff here is FANTASTIC!! They go way out of their way to be helpful, – such a pleasant change from some other places we’ve been. CASE IN POINT, our fridge went out today and the staff allowed us to use the fridge / freezer in the Sun Hall community center to store our small supply of frozen meat and a few refrigerated items. So nice!!

Why I love Southern Palms:

* GREAT STAFF!!! So helpful and such wonderful attitudes. I haven’t seen one single person here who didn’t go out of their way to be super helpful.
* Large, clean and reasonably priced laundry facilities
* Huge library that is actually kept in alpha by author order!!!!
* Office even had a Notary on staff available Monday thru Friday
* Lovely well maintained grounds and lots
* Staff assist when backing into lot
* Friendly, community like feeling
* LOTS of activities – of all kinds – if you like games, there is a ton of them, dinners and lunches, church services, dances, and even concerts – something for everybody
* Level, grassy lots

Oh – and did I mention the AWESOME and friendly staff??


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