Home, Home on the Range. Where The Cows and Little Cowies Will Play All Day

40 Miles from, Southern Palms, Eustis, FL to The Three Flags RV Resort in Wildwood, FL.

Cost: $0.00 per night with our Thousand Trails Zone Camping Pass

1/17/15 – 1/30/2015 Days 32-45

Peaceful Pastures at Three Flags

Peaceful Pastures at Three Flags

-Bill Here-

2 weeks in here. Not sure if it is a Encore or a Thousand Trails property, but it was included as one of our free park.

We were in lot 80 which is a larger lot on the “outer loop” with a significant foot and vehicular traffic. AND… COWS. All whole herd of them just across the park road. 30′ – 40′ from our pad. Fortunately the prevailing winds put us upwind of “Cow City”, so I have no info on that potential issue. It was like spending 2 weeks in the “Farm in the Zoo”, except I’m not exactly sure who was in the zoo (us or them). They appeared as interested in watching us (especially whittle Snoopy) as we were watching them.

Mia really did not appreciate the Office Staff. It even stirred a debate which sent us to the dictionary to look up difference between “sullen” and “morose”. Far as I can tell you could use either one. It was a stark contrast to the “CHIRPY” attitude at Southern Palms (owned by the same company and a mere 40 miles away) where they answer the phone “We’re having a GREAT day at Southern Palms, how can I help you”?

No wireless except for Tengo… The dreaded and despised Tengo wireless system. Evidently some idiot in corporate decided to outsource the wireless services in (and other parks). In 3 Flags you must PAY for the abuse.

Here is a comment I posted on the “official” Thousand Trail Facebook page:

“Not to beat a dead Tengo horse. I have been kicked off and had to re-login in to my PAID SUBSCRIPTION 7 times in the last 3 hours. Can’t even make my next TT/Encore reservation. And EVERY TIME the logon screen back comes up it says “Welcome to (the Parks Name)”. Just like ELS provides and is responsible for the defective service. If I were living in ELS corporateland I’d get THAT off of there – as of yesterday. Just sayn’.”

I did pick up that there were others unhappy with the situation and were planning to cut there stay short and move to a KOA down the road.

All in all, the PARK wasn’t that bad and was worth ever penny we did’nt pay for it. Tengo… not so much.

p.s. Do know why the Earth doesn’t spin out of orbit and fall in the sun? Because Tengo SUCKS! (ba-da-bump)

Mia’s Thoughts

VERY well maintained. Huge community bldg. With banquet room, pool tables, library, etc. Nice clean laundry facility – but a tad expensive $2 to wash, $2 to dry. At that rate, it costs $20 to do 5 loads of laundry!!

Lots of dumpsters pretty conveniently located. Games are not my thing, but If you are into activities, there is quite a bit for you here and all looks to be kept up very nicely. We have been very impressed with the maintenance crew that are always out and about, trimming, mowing, and generally out actively looking for things that need to be done. They stopped by and did some weed whacking in our lot and were very friendly. Even said “thank you” to Bill when he swept the trimmings off the pad where our chairs were.

We are on an end lot (#80) and it is really a nice location. We have a brand new concrete pad and a decent picnic table. We can sit either in shade or in sun and watch a peaceful bucolic scene just across the road where a herd of cattle graze thru out the day. Evidently cows like Spanish moss . . . who knew? I am trying to get a good picture of one of them reaching up to pull down a mouth full. They will even raise up on their hind legs as much as they can, to get to it!

Yum -Spanish Moss - a special treat

Yum -Spanish Moss – a special treat

Unfortunately, our experience with the office staff had not been as warm and friendly. They haven’t been flat out rude, but the word “sullen” seems to fit – at least in my humble opinion. My first interaction with the office personnel was when I went in to pick up a coupon for 4 free hours on the Tengo internet service. It was obvious that she would have been far happier organizing a file cabinet, or tending to a garden, or almost anything OTHER THAN having to interact with a stranger. She might be a lovely person, and probably has many good qualities, but her personality is not suited to working with the public. Bill has had more occasion to go into the office for various reasons and has had the same type of experience every time.

So far that is my only complaint. The park is really a nice one for us. Your experience would probably depend on which lot you get, and whether you have children with you, (there is a pool, but not a lot of children’s activities) how important are group activities, and whether you mind having LOTS of friendly people and dogs walking by all the time.

SUMMARY: I enjoyed the time at Three Flags. The lot was (in my opinion) a great one. I loved the pastoral scene across the road. There was also a beautiful little memorial which they had created in a road divider / island. It shows thoughtfulness and care, and was very well maintained. It was so unusual to see a tiny memorial garden in the center of an RV park . . There were nine memorial bricks with room for more. There’s a story there, but I’ll probably never learn what it is.


Sadly, my last impression ended on a sour note. As we pulled out of the park, I ran into the office to drop off the tag and let them know we were officially leaving before the 11:00 checkout time. (there was a small paragraph at the end of their rules which stated that anyone NOT turning in their camp tag at checkout, would be charged for another day) The “hostess” that was at the desk took it and gave me a VERY unfriendly, – even curt “Thanks” without even a glance in my direction. – No smile, no “I hope you enjoyed your stay”, or “Travel safe, and come back soon”. – I know as well as anyone that everybody has a bad day once in a while – I know that you should always be a little kinder, a little more forgiving than necessary to others, because you never know what they are going through. But . . . . since this was at least the third Office Staff person that we encountered with this lousy customer service attitude, I would suggest that maybe a little training is in order – OR maybe some rearranging of personnel so that the folks who don’t really enjoy interacting with people could do the jobs that don’t require good people skills.

If you want a stay at a clean, quiet, peaceful park, with plenty of activities and nearby shopping, this is a great place. Just don’t expect a friendly office crew.


One thought on “Home, Home on the Range. Where The Cows and Little Cowies Will Play All Day

  1. Well, sounds like the office personnel are suffering from “Florida” disease. They probably have that “tapped in Paradise” attitude going on. Sad to hear that. I always thought when people moved to Florida and lived there they would finally be happy, living in paradise, sunshine, warmth, beaches, etc., but not to be as many are grumpy old Mother Fookers. Hope your next park is much nicer as far as park personnel go.

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