More Than Birds Can Chirp – People Can Chirp Too


View from my window shows street dividing the huge complex at Eustis

Bill’s Thoughts

60 Miles from, Smyrna Beach Campground in New Smyrna Beach, FL. to The Southern Palms RV Resort in Eustis, FL. Cost: About $38.00 per night with the Thousand Trails discount.
1/16/2015  Day 31

Review of The Southern Palms RV Resort , Eustis FL. (An Encore Property)

This place is BIG. It may well rank in the top 10 population centers in FL. I don’t mean the town, I mean the park. It sprawls across highways. The Encore propaganda brochure says it has 3 clubhouses and 950 full hookup sites.

I had trouble finding the office. It is located in the interior of the park. While this was inconvenient, it a allow us to take a little “tour”. The shuffleboard courts were packed with dozens of intense looking, old, sweaty, bare chested men locked in mortal (or immortal) shuffleboard competition. It wasn’t a particularly pretty sight, but hey, these guys were having fun. And what is wrong with that?

We stayed here 1 day in a motorhome. We paid… I don’t really know we paid. We booked a “standard site” online and charged $37.00 but according to the confirmation we owed $4.00 more. When I finally found the office I asked if we had received out TT discount. We had not. I also asked the young lady what was the difference was between “Standard”, “Elite”, and “Premium” sites? Her response was:

Standards are generally back ins.
Elites are generally pull throughs
Premiums are generally bigger

I opted to upgrade to an elite. So she put the info into the Encore computer. It whirled round and round, a few puffs of smoke came out (along with a couple of miniature flying monkeys) And the recalculation was that I give her 1 dollar and she will give me $.40 back. Done.

A camp host(s) appeared in a golf cart to guide us to our “Elite” pull through site. Good thing. It was actually in a “suburb” of the main facility across a highway. Evidently Encore and I have a different definition of “pull through”. If pull through means back-in parallel parking, I guess they would be right.

The staff were GREAT. Everybody was high energy and “chirpy”. The energy level was so high that the up-sell pitches began immediately. Nothing wrong with that. They were not obnoxious in any way, but rather were short, high energy and “chirpy”questions. For whatever reason this is one of the more “chirpy” RV parks I have encountered in my short Full Time RVing career.

The grounds are immaculate. It is a well manicured park. The Wifi (Tengo) is marginal (depending on where they put you?) and I was not given a Tengo coupon upon checking in.

Next it’s off to a “cousin” RV campground in Wildwood, FL.


Mia’s Thoughts

Stayed in an “Elite” lot at Southern Palms in Eustis. Supposed to be a pull thru but turned out to be a back – in. Just overnight. REALLY BIG place.


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