From Here To… The New Smyrna Beach

View from my window at New Smyrna Beach

View from my window at New Smyrna Beach – Actually, it was much prettier than this.

Bill Here-

50 Miles from, Thunder Gulch Campground in Bunnell, FL to The New Smyrna Beach Campground in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Cost: $38.47 per night with an unknown discount.

1/13/15 – 1/15/2015 Days 28-30
2 things about New Smyrna Beach. #1 It’s hard for me to spell. #2 Every time I think of the name it reminds me of that place Donna Reed worked in “From Here to Eternity”. What was it? “The New Congress Club” or something like that.

Because we had to wait around Thunder Gulch for FedEx to deliver our hot water heater we got a VERY late start. Compounding that was the fact the WiFi was down and we had to pack up in a small lake, it was a disorganized day from the start.  But I had found an RV repair place down the road in NSB that had good reviews.

AND it said there was am RV park just across the street!!! Fortune was smiling upon us again! Or so I thought.

By the time we got close, dusk was upon us and daylight was fading fast. We pulled into an RV park (which turned out to be the wrong one) only to find out they were FULL UP and had no sites left for a rig our size. But they directed us to another park a mile or two down the road (which later turned out to be the right one).

An explanation: Usually, I’m pretty organized. I Google map where we are going, have reservations and have landmarks picked out. So here we are in the dark, pretty much lost and no place to stay. Life is NOT good. So we head down the road.

We find The New Smyrna Beach Campground. We pull in. The office is closed but they have an after hours list and map of available sites. Fortune was smiling upon us again! Or so I thought. Site list in hand I got back in the coach and we started a look/see of the 7 sites that are available. Uh, oh. Of the 7 sites – 5 are UNDER WATER. Remember that monsoon they had in Bunnell? When I guess they had it here too. (which is why I couldn’t hold it against Thunder Gulch.) Like they say, “rain happens”. Or something like that.

The 6th lot was very strange, small, thin and oddly shaped. It was at the end of a loop. The tip of an island. Like an afterthought. But Ms. Lucy fit right in there. I hooked up the water, and electricity and we started drinking heavily until bedtime.

Next morning I head down the office to settle up. I inquired about the RV repair place. She replied, “Oh, that place went out of business years ago”. “Really”, I think. She did have a recommendation about a mobile RV tech. The day brighten up a little bit.

The mobile RV tech was very competent and reasonable. He quoted us $100, arrived on time, did good work and had the old one out and the new one installed in just over an hour. So if your near New Smyrna Beach and need RV work performed in an excellent and professional manner. I highly recommend “Doug Raulerson’s RV Service”, phone number 386-846-0823.

One final thing. We have had a little seepage on one of the water fittings. Not unusual. It can be dry as a bone and start days later. So I have learned, if have repair done, stick around for a couple of days. I’m POSITIVE if we weren’t 60 miles away Doug would come over and tighten it up.

The campground was very nice and had one of the must unusual laundry facilities I’ve seen yet. It was “open air” only closed on 3 sides. Fortunately the shower facilities had all four walls. Finally, Fortune smiled upon us!!

Mia’s Thoughts

Jan 14 – 15 / 2015 New Smyrna Beach

Nice enough for 3 days. Got new water heater installed here by a very nice mobile repair guy. Bill saved a bundle by ordering the water heater himself and shopping around for a reasonable repair person. Camping World wanted almost $500 just for the heater. Bill found it for half of that at – you really have to shop around – I’m sure that places like Camping World and some of the other RV service places were established before the possibility of price shopping via Internet – and many of the older (than us) generation who have luxury RVs still aren’t comfortable with that concept. Of course, many of the luxury RV owners simple don’t need to worry about cost. . . . but if you do, the internet is your best friend.


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