UPDATE: Life in the New America -or- Living the RV Gypsy Lifestyle

Well… well… well. Seems like I have been booted from this FB group after answering a “questionnaire” sent to me by one of the admins. Obviously in response to my earlier post. This is fine because it’s their group and they can exclude anyone they want. 

The post was inspired by, what I thought, was a interesting phenomena and was meant to be entirely complimentary. At first I received positive feedback from members but it slowly turned more and more defensive.

So, to the 400 or so members of this FB group about full time families in the Orlando area, TTO (Thousand Trails Orlando) let me list some of what I heard from you.

* Many said that it was not an economic driven lifestyle. Although some admitted that was a catalyst.

* I heard that it was a conscious decision to spend more time as a family and (presumably) less time beating their heads against a career driven life. Can you find a better reason than that? I don’t think so.

* Although NOT expressed by any member, I would not be surprised if some don’t “appreciate” the amount of “influence” the Government has through the public school system in “raising” and “educating” their children. (There, I said it. I didn’t want go political… but…)

To any members I offended or misrepresented, I apologize and hope this gives a more realistic representation of what may motivate you. In my humble opinion it is way of life that more (not less) parents should consider.


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