A night in a Jacksonville Jungle

-Bill Here-

108 Miles from A Big Wheel, St Mary’s, GA to Kathryn Abbey Hannah Park, Jacksonville, FL. Cost: $38.90 per night

12/31/14 – 1/1/2015 Days 15-16

This campground is run by the City of Jacksonville. It does have beach frontage, but we got in so late and I was so sick we never made it to the beach.

Note: Alcoholic beverages, glass containers and balloons are prohibited in the park. So throw out all of your booze, glassware and every bottle of anything you own prior to arriving. Olive Oil too?

Balloons? I don’t get that one.

Our site was like a jungle with a cylindrical hole cut in it so you could pull through. I don’t remember too much as I was so sick. But it way eerie. Quiet.

Unlike most places I have spent New Years Eve, there was absolutely no automatic weapons gun fire at midnight.

Not a bad campground. Did I mention no booze?

Happy New Year! Did I mention no booze?


Miss Lucy n Stealth Mode

The jungle was wild – each site felt totally secluded even tho there were other campers within a hundred feet or so. Ms. Lucy thought it was fun to hide behind the palm trees. You can see her here in stealth mode, peeking around some fronds. The campsites were “natural” – but well groomed. Meaning the debris from past campers had been picked up and the sand had been raked in Japanese sand garden style.

It seems to be aimed at people who want to hike and be physically very active outdoors. Very nice – a far more natural setting than the old style family parks like the “Jellystone” franchises. Probably not on our top 100 list though,. . . . we are more into the serious beach sitting side of nature appreciation.

Downside – NO WIFI, and LOTS of TICKS!!! Thankfully it was only a one night stop on the way to St. Augustine.


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