KOA and Shrimp – Life is Good!

12/26/2014 – 12/28/2014

DAYS 10-12 KOASunset thru  the Pines at Savannah KOA

Bill’s Bytes

93 miles from Hunting Island State Park, SC to KOA, Richmond Hill, GA.
KOAs in general. This will be the first KOA we have stayed at but we have visited a couple of others. To me KOAs are like the Holiday Inns of my youth. When on vacation my parents we would always stay at Holiday Inns. Usually they had a pool and a restaurant for dinner and/or breakfast. The theory was that because the franchise promoted a certain level of quality and family friendliness, you were going to have a pleasant stay. And to the of best of my recollection it worked.
KOAs are going to be a little more expensive (our rate was $43.50 per night). That is a little out of out price range as it would multiply out to over $1200 per month. Yikes! But once in a while it works. Laundry was $1.25 per wash and $.25 for 8 minutes of drying time. Lots were level. WiFi was great.
Since it is more expensive you are going to find some higher end rigs milling about. When we arrived we sat out and had a glass of wine and watched these rigs pull in. Sometimes 2 or 3 every five minutes. We sat and watched the KOA workkamper guide each one to their lot in his golf cart with the RV following behind. I was amazed how similar it was to watching the ground crew guide in jumbo jets to their gates at a very busy airport. 
We decided to stay an extra day and booked online that evening. Somehow the office could not seem to find this reservation and there were a couple of uncomfortable moments that next day as they wanted us to “prove” that we actually made the new reservation. But it all got resolved. We did have to move to a new lot. They were busy!
One last +++. On the way to the KOA we stopped at Pooler Seafood. We bought one Low Country Boil and 2 lbs of raw shrimp. Sweetest shrimp I think I have ever tasted. DELICIOUS!!!

More From Mia

Arrived at KOA Savannah South yesterday sometime in mid afternoon. Stooped at Poolers’ to get fresh shrimp and a low country boil. Luckily, their small parking lot was almost empty – we were there just as they had unpacked their fresh supplies of seafood and the kid in the back of the building was washing out & disinfecting the huge coolers that the seafood had been packed in. We ate the Low country Boil at a picnic table, as soon as we parked and plugged in on our lot.

The KOA was beautiful! Clean, level, well kept – friendly staff, – we stayed 2 days – I loved the sound of the peepers at night and the fresh, minty scent that rose from the millions of long pine needles that coated the ground every evening. It was suddenly so much easier to breath – which surprised me. Always thought it was supposed t be better for your lungs in the mountains – Asheville has a history of being a retreat for people with lung conditions – but not for me. When we reached “low country” it was as though my chest unclenched and I could breath again. What a difference! – Oh yeah – and those shrimp were incredible!!!!


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