Ms. Lucy Just Peed on the Pad

12/28/2014 – 12/31/2014

Days 12-15

93 Miles from Richmond Hill, GA to St Marys, GA

While we were in the Big Wheel park, and parked on level concrete, we noticed a puddle forming under Ms. Lucy, at the approximate location of the water heater. – I LOVE our little 6 gallon water heater – it takes about 15 minutes to heat a full tank, which, believe it or not, is all you need to do a sink full of dishes or take a good shower. Within another 15 minutes it’s all ready for the next shower, etc.
The water heater is located under my bench seat – where I spend most of my time sitting when not outside or on the road. We removed the cushions and lifted the wooden “lid” to expose the unit. Either the hot water shutoff valve or some fitting around it was dripping…dripping…dripping. We turned off the propane to the hot water heater, closed all shut offs and headed out to our next stop – Hanna Park in Jacksonville. We would have water, just not hot water.
It was New Years Eve – late afternoon by the time we found a Lowe’s and a Home Depot along the way to the campsite. We went past the Home Depot and on to Lowe’s, where we had a 10% off card. Lowe’s – on Atlantic Blvd, in Jacksonville, did not have time for us – Bill went in, sicker than a dog with the beginnings of the flu, and could not get anyone to help him. Feeling worse by the minute, he came back out to Ms. Lucy and we back-tracked to Home Depot, where I went in – armed with samples and instructions on what to say. I first flagged down a very helpful lady, who although this was not her area of expertise, did her best to help. It took me only a moment to know that we were in way over our heads. I needed to talk to someone who had actually worked with shut off valves and Pex and Sharkbite products and could make sense out of what I was saying.
It was past 3:30 and we were standing in the plumbing aisle, overwhelmed with hundreds of bins of piecy-parts, when a young employee walked by, on his way to clock out. My sales assistant snagged him as he walked by and we pleaded for help. What a difference in attitude from Lowe’s! This guy understood customer service – and also really demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond. Come to find out, he was supposed to get off of work at 3:00, but he took the time to lay out all the parts on the floor so we could see how they should go together, made sure we had everything that we needed, gave me a discount on two of the pieces PLUS honored the Lowe’s 10% off card!!! Now, THAT is customer service!!!! From now on, we will be giving as much business as we can to Home Depot.
We traveled on to Hanna Park, where Bill walked me through temporary fix the next day, replacing the leaking Polybutylene section with PEX pipe and SharkBite fittings and . . . TA DA. . . we have a working, and NON-leaking water heater once again. Needless to say, when we recover our health we will stock an inventory of PEX and Sharkbite fittings. Just in case this should happen us in the middle of no where.




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