Christmas on the Atlantic Coast

Cold Atlantic

Bill’s Bytes:

DAYS 7-10

91 Miles from Yemassee, SC to Hunting Island, SC. They say this is SC’s most visited park. I can believe it.  Stops along the way for banking and provision replenishment.

Day 7 (Tues)

We pulled into Hunting Island State Park into a mostly level pull through site comprised of sand, dirt and pines needles @$31.46 per night. Water and Electric only. One small issue was that the electric pedestal was set way back so we had to use the 30 amp extension cord that our former neighbor at Scenic RV Resort strong armed us into buying from him when he left. All’s well that ends well. WiFi was a little quirky but good. The GOOD – we are less than a couple of hundred feet to the Atlantic Ocean and a beautiful beach. The BAD – MORE RAIN & this is a no booze park..

Day 8 (Weds)

MORE RAIN. A couple of small power outages. One occurred overnight and lasted for about an hour. Our generator is still inoperable. Our coach batteries are very poor. They are the ones I raised from the dead by adding Epsom salts. We have no inverter.
It is amazing all the crap we track in from the outside. We are constantly sweeping and wiping the floor. Some sort of exterior mat will be a priority purchase.

Day 9 (Thurs)

A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! At 12:40 p.m. the rain stopped. The skies cleared and a large ball of fire appeared above. At first I thought it might be a nuclear strike, then I remembered that object as being… the SUN! The improving conditions prompted a walk over to and down the beach. Whittle Snoopy “discovered” the Atlantic Ocean and claimed it for all chihuahuas, but mostly for himself. He fought pitched battles with sea birds and other dogs to retain his new found kingdom. They were fought well into the night in his dreams as his legs twitched and little tiny woofs which were barely audible.

Day 10 (Fri)

We were originally scheduled to leave yesterday, but anticipating better weather we decided if we could pay for two days of rain we can pay for a day of sunshine. It was a good decision. We had to move to another pull through site (the one directly behind us) but we got a pretty Day 3 afternoon and an equally pretty Day 4 morning.

More from Mia:

Rain – all of 12/23 and 12/24 – sometimes in downpours and sometimes just drizzle but always there – today, we see the first bit pf blue sky since leaving Mr. Z’s in Greer one week ago!! Sun is not out here yet – but you can see the cloud – line and beyond it is bright blue sky – and colder temps. But SUNSHINE finally!! Merry Christmas from the Atlantic coast!!!

We were under a Tornado watch for most of the day yesterday, and lost electricity twice, once for about an hour, in early afternoon and again around 1:00am overnight, but that may have been a power blip and our wonderful power monitor shut down for a few minutes to protect us. It takes a while for the system to make sure everything is safe before it allows reconnect. A very good investment and nice to know it works!

The ocean is always my favorite place to be – the vastness, the power, the constant changing of the tides, – just so awesome. It washes me clean and leaves peace in it’s wake.


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