Thousand Trails – Thousand Puddles –

There really weren’t any ducks in our camp site- but it felt like there should be. FYI – I did not take this picture – it was a Public Domain listing but it was perfect for this post.


Bill’s Bytes

DAYS 3-6.

149 miles from Greer, SC to Yemassee, SC. I have decided (for now) that this should be about the upper limit of of daily traveling range. Ms. Lucy’s new nickname is “The Wanderer” 

Day 3 (Fri)

We pulled into Thousand Trails the Oaks in Yemassee, SC around 3:00 p.m. to a light drizzle. TT, like its’ sister corp Encore is owned by Equity Lifestyle Properties. Our TT membership allows us 30 free days in TT parks. After that, we pay $3 per day. So these 4 nights cost us zero, nada, zilch. 
The Oaks is older campground in the TT system. Nothing spectacular about it. Sites are fairly level comprised in varying content of dirt, sand and gravel. Very friendly and industrious staff. Lots of trees (oaks and pines), ez pull through and back-in lots. Just be mindful of the trees (they don’t move too fast and are easy to avoid). AND prior evidence of less than ideal traction. I noticed a few of the lots had deep mud ruts where tires had problems being tires. Like providing traction. I avoided those lots and selected one that appeared to have higher elevation and gravel content. That proved to be a wise decision.

Day 4 (Sat)


Day 5 (Sun)

More Rain. Counted also 15 rigs pulling out. The sites I had rejected are becoming waterlogged.

Day 6 (Mon)

More Rain. Counted about 10 rigs pulling out. The sites I had rejected are now small lakes.

 More from Mia:

Well – there’s not much else to say – it’s just WET!!!! Not a good time for Chihuahuas. I’m sure we would have enjoyed it a lot more if we could have spent some time outdoors!!


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