The Adventure Begins . . . . .

Bill’s Bytes –

DAY 0 (Tues) 67 Miles. Down mountain and overnight in Spartanburg, SC.

Descent not as bad as I thought, but RV was all over road. Part from my lack of experience, part from higher than expected crosswinds. Bottom line… we made it.

After sitting over 2 1/2 years in one spot, it was an amazing feeling to look out the windows that first evening and see a different world. It is going to take some time for my mind to grasp the enormity of it all.
What is the best way to see Asheville?  “IN YOUR REAR VIEW MIRROR.”

Ms. Lucy at Cunningham's RV Park - FLATLAND!

Ms. Lucy at Cunningham’s RV Park – FLATLAND!

More from Mia:

We had heard so much about the dangers of the Saluda grade, – I have to admit that I was pretty tense as we got on the road. – This was our first venture of any length in our trusty ole’ gal, and it was down that infamous grade!! All of the film clips of big rigs turned over along the side of the road were flashing through my mind as we wound our way down the mountains. – Of course, reality was not as bad as we had expected, – ( the monster in the closet usually turns out to be a mouse ).

We stayed the first night at Cunningham RV park outside of Spartanburg SC, trying to absorb the reality that we have finally escaped!! – FLATLAND!! It’s been 12 years since I’ve seen flatland. Can’t wait for the beach.

This was a nice, clean, open place – lot’s of tall older pines. A good place to recoup for the next day.


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