On the Road with Little Snoopy


This is Little Snoopy

He’s a standard sized, 5 ¼ lb. Male Chihuahua who is 10 ½ years old. He is our constant companion – literally. Chihuahuas are more than a little different – each has it’s own VERY distinct personality. Little Snoopy is no exception. Here are a few candid shots of Little Snoopy, on the road.

Snoop 2

Saying good-bye to Asheville – sitting behind Ms. Lucy and surveying the Scenic RV Park one last time before we leave.


It’s important to make sure you have all your most prized possessions carefully stowed before you start out. Here is Little Snoopy’s bone collection, gathered from bank drive up windows over the years – he really knows how to turn on those sad eyes!, Snoop never eats his bones – he collects them. He has over 30 that are in perfect to near perfect condition. (Many others have been lost, or broken over the years).


Little Snoopy and Bill, at Cunningham’s RV Park, planning the next day’s route.

Snoop 1

 It’s been a hard day of traveling! Time for a nap.


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