16,000 Lbs. of Lost

Bill’s Bytes:  DAY 1&2. 109 miles from Spartanburg to Greer, SC. New Group 78 AGM chassis battery in Spartanburg (preemptive). Lucy re-starts with a lot more authority now. Got off I-26 and took “back roads”. Got lost. Nothing like 16,000 lbs of lost. Google directions suck.

RV park in Greer is behind owner’s house in their backyard. 11 spots. About 1/2 are full timers/no movers. Very clean and cozy. Slightly uneven lot (our first). Leveling jacks (of course) don’t work. But they are far down on the “fix list”. Bubble to port and stern. Which means we were listing to the passenger side and to the nose. Tried “lego” block remediation. Only partially successful, but better.

Day 2 was a day of rest.

View from Window at Mr. Z's

More from Mia: 109 miles later, Stopped at a little Mom & Pop place called Mr. Z’s RV. – Not quite 200 miles from Asheville, and we are camped on white sand under huge pines. Beautiful. A very nice set up. Small but immaculate. Very quiet. Working people who look long term but keep their spaces clean. Owner was very friendly and helped us set up.

We will spend the day here, learn how to use the leveling blocks, catch up on laundry, and make some decent food. We got a new 52 ft string of LED lights from Sam’s club. YAY! If it sparkles, I like it!!


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