Staand Up America

The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff

On Wednesday I felt pride in my Country. The kind of pride I haven’t felt in quite a while. It happened when Rand Paul took over the floor of the Senate for almost 13 hours. Standing up for America. Not one of those pretend “60+ vote filibusters”. But a real honest to God stand until your feet are sore, talk until your voice goes raspy, filibusters.

Why? Because he couldn’t get a yes or no answer to a pretty simple question. Does the Attorney General of the United States think that is acceptable to assassinate an American citizen on American soil by drone strike, without an indictment, trial, or conviction? By implication it also asks, what about completely innocent families and children who may be eating dinner around a “target”? Or driving down the road near a “target”.

His actions were not without criticism, even from his own Party.

Lindsey Graham? Lindsey Graham is just Lindsey Graham. Even smart people get it wrong sometimes.

John McCain? John McCain is a war hero that served his Country with honor above and beyond. I have to cut him some slack. But, we have all had family members or known someone that time has caught up with. Someone who needs to go sit in the rocker on the porch, take it easy for a while and enjoy life at a slower pace. Sit down John and rock a while and rest.

But today as you are driving down the road, you can feel a little bit safer. Not because of anything your Government is doing, but because of something it won’t be doing.

Thank You Senator Rand Paul. You have distinguished yourself not only as a Senator from Kentucky, but also as a Senator representing all Americans.


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