The Desert Yogi – Mystery Man of the Past – Who is This Guy??

Who Is The Desert  Yogi

Who Is The Desert Yogi    click on photo to see full sized

Several years ago, we bought a huge lot of vintage postcards and have been selling them on eBay. Many of them were made just after the turn of the 20th century. Each one is like a time capsule. A “snapshot” of time gone by. Of a world that exists no more. Some have moving and poignant messages written across the back and the sides in elegant spidery script. People trying to say a lot, in a very limited space, knowing that their words could be read by anyone who touched that card anywhere in the world. They were the “texts” and “tweets” of a much earlier time.

Which bring us to “The Desert Yogi”.

I have tried to learn who this man was before putting it up for sale. You can see him and some of our other cards plus a few original Associated Press photos from WW2 – just Click Here  .

 Anyway, I tried through Google, using the term “The Desert Yogi”  and trying different spellings of the last name, but to no avail. The signature is pretty clear – until he signed his name. He uses only his last name and the title of “Desert Yogi” as if he were immortal and thought it would be sufficient for anyone to identify him, forever. But sadly, “The Desert Yogi” has been lost to history. Was he a film star who played that part in an old movie?  Was he a guru with a following?

 By the way – the reverse side of the card is completely blank with only three faint horizontal lines for an address – no writing and no words or numbers of any kind to give a clue.

 So I am sharing him with all of our friends and readers, hoping that someone will be able to identify him. Please feel free to repost or link to this. Maybe someone out there will be able to solve the mystery. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment!


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