You Are What You Eat, So Eat Something Beautiful

Colorful and Full of good stuff

Colorful and Full of good stuff

The richly colored petals of some of our favorite flowers are also loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Of course, you should be sure that you know what you are eating, and NEVER pick flowers, berries, or plants from along a roadway.  I would only eat something that I have grown myself, and know 100% that it is safe. Wash all flowers thoroughly and remove stamens and pistols. Most fruit blossoms will taste like the fruit they would become – Lemon, Orange, Apple, etc. Add them to salads and desserts. Use as garnish, float them in teas and drinks.

Here are a few ideas –

Apple blossoms –  delicate and you can taste the apple   

Chive flowers  –  taste like chives   

Carnations  – sweet and  good for desserts

Chamomile – somewhat like apples

Chrysanthemums  –  tangy, bitter

Citrus blossoms  –  taste like the fruit

Clover – sweet, taste like mild honey

Dandelion –  slightly sweet

Day Lily – battered and fried

Hibiscus- tart, like cranberries good in teas (with honey)

Honeysuckle –  sweet

Jasmine –  strong, good in tea

Lavender –  has a strong floral taste use sparingly

Lemon verbena –  lemon

Marigold – peppery, can be somewhatbitter  

Nasturtium –  peppery and good in salads 

Pansy –  mild, slightly sweet

Rose –  different varieties have different flavors, all are slightly sweet; most rich in Vitamin C

Wild Violets – very delicate


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