Being Grateful For Ms. Lucy

Thoughts as I sit sipping my morning coffee:    It’s been said that there are three types of people; Those who live in the past, those who live in the future and those who live in the present.  – I’ve always tended to live in the future, very seldom thinking of the past at all. But there are times, I must admit, when I allow a little self pity to creep into my head and color my day. Times when I feel sorry for myself because I don’t have a garden or a place to plant roses or peonies. (things that I want for the future but don’t have at present) – and then something happens to make me see how fortunate I really am.

view from our location - across valley to next mountain

view from our location – across valley to next mountain

We’ve been living in Ms. Lucy since last May. We were fortunate in finding a very nice, quiet park to put her in long term while we live in and work on her. It is a “Seniors” park. We don’t have to worry about children running about, darting from behind cars, or loud music, or parties going into the wee hours of the morning. It’s situated on very high ground, and our end overlooks a little valley just to our East. The drop off for this valley is approx. 75 to 90 ft. from Ms. Lucy, and easily accessible by a  footworn path going down a not too gentle slope.  On the far side of that valley there is the Swannanoa river (probably between 400 and 500 feet from the edge of the RV Park’s hill).   Hwy 70 East, runs parallel to the river and is visible from the ridge that we are on. Along both sides of the river, there is a strip of woods which provides a sort of privacy screen between the highway and the RV Park. Although we can see the highway, from our elevation, the RV park and river is not easily visible from the highway. We walk along the “rim” of the valley everyday as we take Little Snoopy out to do his business, and as we walk we always look down into the valley and across the river to the next mountain.

looking  out over the little valley by the river

looking out over the little valley by the river

On our Thursday afternoon walk, there was nothing unusual to see. On Friday morning, a small “camp” had suddenly sprung up in the thin strip of woods along the other side of the river. (see Bill’s earlier post) It consists of three tarps that we can see – two blue ones and one silver gray one. Bill saw another one earlier but it has disappeared now. The tarps are spread out beside the river but are hidden from the highway and the businesses along side it by the steep drop off of the river bank, not as steep or as high as our elevated vantage point, but steep enough to hide the river and the tarps from casual view.

zoomed in on the makeshift camp

zoomed in on the makeshift camp

These are not hunters, or kids having a fun camping excursion. These are part of the invisible homeless population that no one wants to admit exists. Whoever is camping down there is not “enjoying” it. They are running a cold camp – no lights, no campfires, nothing that might give them away,  – and it has been VERY wet, cold, and windy here for the past few days. It’s a short walk up the riverbank to  several restaurant dumpsters so food would not be too difficult to come by. The woods are full of fat squirrels – but that would require a fire of some sort. We’ve seen no movement, or any signs of activity, I suspect that most things are done after dark – after the restaurants have closed down and there will be less chance of detection.

The Tarp Tents at a different angle

The Tarp Tents at a different angle

As we walk LS in the next few days, I will take a look at that straggly little cluster of tarps in the wet gray woods along the river. And I will go back to Ms. Lucy, who is waiting to welcome me into a warm cozy kitchen with stove, oven, refrigerator and double sink.  Where I can sit on our nice soft couch, with my electronic gadgets, and jump in our nice clean shower with steaming hot water, and a flush toilet. And as I slip between my clean crisp sheets, and snuggle into my wonderful memory foam mattress, I will be very happy, even if just for a little while, with everything that I do have.

To Ms. Lucy with love

To Ms. Lucy with love


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