Ms. Lucy – Possessed?

GREAT Question/Comment from someone following our blog with an almost identical Holiday Rambler.

They asked if we ever figured out was draining the engine battery. The short answer is “not yet”.

As we approach are first year in Ms. Lucy, I have had some time to ponder, reflect and come to some conclusions.

Living in Mr. Lucy is like living life while drifting through many old movies; The Poseidon Adventure, Operation Petticoat, Forbidden Planet, African Queen, and Poltergeist.

Ms. Lucy  - don't start Spinning!!

Ms. Lucy – don’t start Spinning!!


The Poseidon Adventure – Seems like we go from one seemingly insurmountable (Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical) problem right to the next. Just one big rocky road of fun stretching as far as the eye can see.

Operation Petticoat – Most of the problems are solved on shoestring budget. Requiring low cost and “innovative” solutions utilizing “on hand” materials. Some work. Some don’t. Some only work for a while (see Poseidon Adventure).

Forbidden Planet – Somewhere I know that invisible monster is lurking out there AND we sure could use a fabricating robot. Hey Robbie how about 50 gallons of award winning Cabernet Sauvignon and new furnace. “Yes sir, would tomorrow morning be soon enough?” Oh yeah, and I need to take the Creel “brain boost” to figure out all the wiring (most non-functional) added to Mr. Lucy by previous owners.

African Queen – That’s easy, high heat, humidity, mosquitoes and stink bugs.

Poltergeist – One would think that in a little bitty RV losing something would be difficult. Oh no. Put something down and it “disappears” into another dimension. It may or may not show up again. Amazing.


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