Chihuahuas are a Very Different Kind of Dog


Chihuahuas really are a different breed – and people react to them differently. Even among dog lovers, there are mixed reactions. Most people are real fans, or they can’t stand them.  I was one of the later for years and years. I thought they were generally worthless and just “fou – fou” little vanity dogs. The only dog worth having (in my opinion at the time) was a big dog – the bigger the better and preferably one that outweighed me.


When daughter #3 arrived with a Chihuahua, one cold blustery snowy February day, the first thing the dog did, within minutes of arrival, was find a quiet spot and use it as a bathroom. Ok – it had been a long trip – the dog was probably car-sick and disoriented and upset to be in a new place – I gave it the benefit of the doubt.



The next thing it did was to come over to me, stand on my foot and shiver – looking up at me with a pitiful expression that said “Please . .  help me”. Oh  – double crap – just how heartless could I be?? – I leaned down,  picked it up, and began to learn about Chihuahuas. Of course, I think that our Lil’ Snoopy is the best, smartest, most wonderful example of the breed – but I know it’s probably just that I’ve gotten to know him and his little idiosyncrasies mesh well with mine.


Lil’ Snoopy  (L.S. for short) hates to be dressed up! No matter how cute – or how warm a little outfit may be – he simply won’t move once you put it on him. He “donkey’s up” and goes on strike until you remove the silly thing and let him be au natural – the way he wants to be.  – I’m not a fan of vanity outfits for small dogs – (and I didn’t like to play with dolls as a child either) but since Chihuahuas are so sensitive to the cold, there are times when it would be really helpful if he could wear a warm sweater when he has to go out in the snow and cold. – L.S. will have none of that – he prefers to tough it out – get his business taken care of as quickly as possible and then go back inside to be wrapped in a pre-warmed blanket.

long haired Chihuahua Smiling in the Sun

long haired Chihuahua Smiling in the Sun

He is also the most vocal dog I’ve ever known – not just barking – but trills, warbles, and other various melodically sounds emanate from his vocal chords – he has an amazing number of vocalizations! He also has the largest vocabulary of any dog I’ve known. He is particularly good at action words, like “go”, “ready” “ride”. For a dog who was terrified of going in a car when we first got him, he has turned into a dog that loves to go for a ride. In fact if we don’t “go” as often as he would like, he lets us know and pushes us until we try to find some good logical excuse to drive down the road a few miles.

Chihuahuas can be a little cranky

Chihuahuas can be a little cranky

I could go on but If you aren’t a fan it would be terribly boring!!  – I’ve included a few Chihuahua shots that show what I think are some of the best qualities of the breed. Only one is  actually L.S. because he hates having his picture taken  and usually flattens his ears.




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