A Bed – A Bed – A Real Bed for Ms. Lucy

When we first got Ms. Lucy, she had a a used queen sized mattress. – The key point being – USED. – I love to up cycle, re-purpose and re-cycle, but there are two items that i don’t want to have once they have been used and one of them is a mattress. So we gave the used mattress and bedroom accessories to the former owner who would give them to a family member that needed them. We opted to use air mattresses as a temporary solution. Inexpensive, and hypo-allergenic. – After going through three (yes 3) of the cheap “made in China” mattresses from Sam’s club we decided to  try the HUGE mistake of the Oh So Big Bed.


– Now, the Wenzel 22” Queen Sized Platform Bed is definitely very comfortable – it just didn’t work for us –(see earlier post),  Soooo – we traded it to “Daughter # 2” –  (daughters are referred to by their birth order, and are never ranked in order of importance – how can you rank three examples of perfection?) for a Nook, and went to Dick’s Sporting Goods for a smaller Wenzel, since Wenzel’s had such great reviews and are made in USA, come with an outstanding  warranty, and have a reputation for quality.. Great plan, but, when we arrived at the store, two days before Christmas, they had no Wenzel products.  We got what they had –  another cheap made in “guess where” mattress. This one lasted only three weeks before giving up the ghost.

No Bed At All- Bare Plywood Platform

No Bed At All- Bare Plywood Platform

OK – no more air mattresses! We decided to use what we had to make an “emergency bed” and not use any more Chinese mattresses. The emergency bed consisted of Ms. Lucy’s couch cushion and Dinette cushions, placed  on the wooden bed platform and covered with a sheet. We would wait until we could get a memory foam mattress .

Emergency Bed

Miserable Back Breaking Emergency Bed

After two weeks of waking up with aches and pains in places we never knew we had, we decided that it was a necessity NOW.  We ordered a Night Therapy Memory Foam mattress through Sam’s Club and it arrived last Tuesday!! Wow – what a difference! It is probably the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I’ve been a lifelong insomniac, and as a result, I listen to a LOT of late night talk radio (aka Coast to Coast). I’m happy to say that I have missed every show since we got the mattress.


Night Therapy Memory Foam Mattress!

Night Therapy Memory Foam Mattress!

Bill took a couple days to adjust to the feel of the Memory Foam, but he too is loving it. Lil’ Snoopy had no trouble at all getting used to  it – no more up & down,  off the bed, then yipping to get a lift up again. It really is like sleeping on a cloud! Life is Good!!


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