Dynamic Duo Temporarily Disabled – or – I Hate Germs

NOT what we wanted for Christmas!!

NOT what we wanted for Christmas!!

Even though Free Flu vaccines are readily available, it seems that this particular virus must not have been included in the brew.  While Bill & I avoid crowds as much as possible at any time of year and we are almost never sick. – This year, we met the flu and it kicked our butts.  MS. Lucy has been converted into a convalescent center for old croup patients. We are “barking” more than Lil’ Snoopy on a bad day and have the usual symptoms  – sore throat, congestion, cough, achy muscles and head ache. Sooooo – lots of hot Ginger tea with Raw Honey , Advil,  Gargle with warm Salt Water, and load up on vitamins –especially Zinc.  –  It will still last for 10 to 14 days, but it won’t be anywhere close to as miserable as it would be without those good old home remedies .

It’s a lousy way to spend our “time off”, but I am so glad that it is happening now, rather than during a time when I am scheduled to teach a class!! By the time the first class begins (Jan. 14th) we should both be back to normal!!  For now, it’s going to be a couple of days of just taking it easy and recovering.


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