Ms. Lucy Vs. The Furnace – The Battle RAGES On!

Anybody know a STRONG Leprechaun looking for work?


Well Muscled Irish Elf - Leprechaun

Well Muscled Irish Elf – Leprechaun



After installing the electrode kit we are still having problems. Ms. Lucy’s furnace does not like to work AND it now (sometimes) has a squeal on start up and shutdown. AND (sometimes) the burner does not fire. When this happens at night, the blower continues to run (theoretically until the end of time) or until someone drags their freezing butt out of bed and turns the thermostat off and on. Intermittent problems are something that rhymes with “witch”.


Observations and hypotheses:

Although we solved one problem we think a couple more remain.

heater in Compartment Under sink

heater in Compartment Under sink

#1) The furnace needs a new motor.  Parts are not too expensive (and even more importantly – AVAILABLE) – but here comes the need for that leprechaun. If you look at the picture, you can see that the little rascal would be about all that could squeeze under the sink to replace the motor. Most likely the furnace would need to be “pulled”- the motor replaced and then re-inserted. Yikes! Gas lines, electrical connections and who knows how many gaskets.  As with most things in life the labor can be more than the part. I’m trying to psyche myself up for possibly taking up the project. I dunno. I have replaced natural gas appliances before in houses. But this is kinda different.


#2) The furnace probably also needs a new burner (also still available). This project I can do and parts are about ½ the cost of the motor. If the burner is too corroded it could impair it’s ability to take the spark from the electrode.  I’ll bet it is a goop soup of rust and crap.


New Furnace? Not possible. $$$Kinda short list huh?

 I also believe that the majority of products manufactured over 10-15 years ago were much better made that the crap that comes out of <insert foreign country name here>. We had some Kenmore washer repair done on before we started full-timing and the repairman affirmed what I have stated above.  Electro-mechanical has its drawbacks but they are far more dependable and easily repaired than that the electronic modules coming out of <insert foreign country name here>.

So if you all could rub your hands together for 10 seconds and blow that heat towards North Carolina – I’m sure we could feel it.



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