Sweet Ricotta Cheese – Repurposing Left Over Whey

Soft Ricotta before pressing into a mold.

Soft Ricotta before pressing into a mold.

Ricotta from whey is so easy that even a thirteen year old can do it.
There are dozens of recipes for whole milk Ricotta –  but why waste all that perfectly good whey that is left over from your freshly made whole milk Moz???

You will need:

1. Leftover Whey – from Organic Milk
2. Large bowl
3. Cheese Cloth

4. Large Strainer

5. Small container for the Ricotta.

When you have made the Mozzarella – and BEFORE you start the cleanup –

1). Put Whey back into your pot and heat back up to from 200 degrees to boiling. The temperature here is not critical. Don’t let it boil over. It WILL make a mess.

When it reaches 200, turn the heat off and let it cool down some. When it starts to cool off there may be some stuff floating on the top. Just stir it and it will sink to the bottom. This will help later so you can just strain most of the liquid and it won’t clog up the cheese cloth so fast.

2). After it cools  to approximately 140 degrees pour your Whey SLOWLY through the cheesecloth. Your cheesecloth should be lining your strainer.

Most of the Ricotta should be at the bottom of the pot so pour slowly and don’t shake up the pot. When the cheesecloth fills up,  grab the 4 corners with one hand and gently squeeze the Whey out with the other hand. Continue to strain.

3). When you’ve poured all of the whey through the cheesecloth, allow the cheesecloth (full of Ricotta) to drain for a little while and then put it into a container suitable for the fridge. The whey from a one gallon batch of Mozzarella will usually make between 6 and 8 oz. of sweet Ricotta. We usually make a double batch of Moz and get a sweet Ricotta yield of 12 to 16 oz.


We first found instructions on the ricotta from whey on  http://www.instructables.com  .  It’s a great website with tons of ideas on a lot of different subjects – check it out.


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