Dipping Into the Dirty Pool of Politics – Ms. Lucy Shudders

I know we were going to show you our solution to the water hold temperature problem today, but we are going to push that off until Monday.

Today we are going to make our first dip into the dirty pool of posting on politics. We are neutral regarding either of the political  parties. We think both of them are corrupted by the big bucks in the beltway, dispersed by the lobbyists.

A little Dip Into the Dirty Pool of Politics - Pork Barrel anyone???

A little Dip Into the Dirty Pool of Politics – Pork Barrel anyone???

What we want to do is give you some perspective, away from all the Sunday morning SPIN of political kabuki theater and show you just a couple of links were you can see real facts and real people and let you make up your own mind.

First is the Greek blog of Keep Talking Greece. They say nothing expands your perspective and understanding of the world like travel. But travel these days is damn expensive, invasive and can be dangerous. So the next best thing is to “travel” by blogs, pictures and words. One of the best blogs is Keep Talking Greece. Take a look, it’s free, easy and (We think) quite possibly, offers a glimpse into the future of America.


Next is a website of the United States Treasury Department


Just open the text file for the latest report (it will be on top). Scroll through to page 6.  You will see at the bottom left “Total Public Debt Subject to Limit”. Keep your eye on that number, it will change everyday… until we get very close to the limit. Then the Treasury will start to “cook the books” until the limit again is raised by Congress. In 2011 we “miraculously stayed” EXACTLY 25 million under the limit for weeks. Wow!

So enjoy the holiday season – but try and keep your eye on the world around you, and the future ahead of you.

Comments are Welcome.


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