Taking Ms. Lucy’s Temperature.

When you are full timing in a RV in the winter time, temperature watching can become an obsession.

This is the view out of our Dining Room window

This is the view out of our Dining Room window

We all know if it is too warm or too cold in the living area. But there are other non-living areas that are important too. Of these, none is more important than the area where you plumbing lives. The prior owner let that area freeze at least once before and we are determined to now allow that to happen again.

That area, according to the original RV promotion brochure, is heated (or maybe warmed ?), by the furnace while it is in use. During the cold snap (estimated outside temperature of 20 degrees) last weekend, the temperature of the “wet hold” dropped to 32 degrees. That is a little TOO close for us.

First, how do we measure? We use a LaCrosse weather instrument. It has a little man who puts on and takes off his clothes according to the temperature of the wireless remote sensor. Depending on who the dominant decision maker is in your household, there is an identical model featuring a woman who takes her clothes off instead of some dude. Got it? But I digress.

 Lacrosse Weather Station

Aside from some partial nudity and some rudimentary weather prediction features this device is important to us because… It will display the indoor temperature (around the base unit) AND temperature information from up to 3 wireless sensors. The basic unit comes with 1 remote sensor but additional units can be purchased. (See Note Below). It also displays indoor relative humidity.

This is now the  sensoir that is respo0nsible for monitoring the temperature in the plumbing hold

This is the sensor that is resp0nsible for monitoring the temperature in the plumbing hold

During the summer we used the remote sensor to give us outside temperature. In the winter we are using that sensor to remotely monitor the temperature in the water hold. But we miss having the ability to also monitor the outside temperature so we are purchasing additional sensors (at about $15 each). This will allow us to monitor indoor, outdoor and water hold temps from the indoor portable base that we can put on the nightstand at night. We do not know how absolutely accurate these are but if I see 40 degrees, I can sleep well knowing that nothing will freeze and break.

WARNINGS: This unit has so many features and buttons that it takes some practice to be able to pick it up without enabling something or setting off some little chirpy alarm. ALSO NOTE that additional remote sensors seem to be very hard to come by. Model upgrade? I dunno. There are several companies that make these kinds of weather instruments and LaCrosse has many different models in varying price ranges. This unit sells for about $30-$40.

Next… We detail how we use the instrument to formulate our anti-freezeup strategy.


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