Help…help – I’m getting weaker and weaker – My Battery is Dying

We like to start Ms. Lucy every week or two to keep her juices flowing. We have noticed that Ms. Lucy’s chassis battery has become feebler and feebler every time we tried to start the engine. The last time it could not start it at all.

Also, it seems like every “basement” door I open, I see another battery or two (See the Black Hole of Electrical Mysteries picture in another post).

Once the chassis battery has been recharged we can try charging up some of the other batteries. Some of them may be damaged and beyond repair from neglect over the last 10 years. We shall see.

So we did a little research on battery chargers and came up with the Deltran Battery Tender Plus as a leading contender. It is a very intelligent charger with several modes. We again ordered from because of their great prices and lightning fast shipping. And once again they came through.

Our Brand New Deltran Battery Tender Plus

I didn’t want to leave the charger out overnight so we confined charging to daylight hours. (They also make a waterproof version of the charger which is about double the price) It took THREE DAYS until the flashing green light came on indicating the battery is 80% charged. It is now on its second day going from 80% to (hopefully) a steady green 100% charged state… Alas, the battery never got to 100% charged state.

Deltran working diligently to recharge the battery

So we hired an expert electrical engineer (below) to assess the situation.

Snoopy,the world’s most intelligent Chihuahua preparing his report.

His report?

 “Red to Red – Black to Black – This crappy battery is never gonna come ALL the way back.”

But the Deltran Battery Tender Plus had worked its magic and Ms. Lucy ROARED to life the next time we turned the key.


One thought on “Help…help – I’m getting weaker and weaker – My Battery is Dying

  1. My husband and I are also older than dirt, broke, surviving and living in our 1987 Aluma Lite. We have so much in common that it is almost scary. I am an avid reader, we make our own mozzarella, ricotta and noodles. Also, our herb garden looks almost the same, except our table is green, lol. We have the same issue with our battery and I was wondering if you ever found out what was causing it to drain.

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