It’s Here! It’s Here! The Multimeter is Here – Miss Lucy is Saved!!

Although we promised this yesterday… a impending cold front interrupted our activities and reshuffled our priorities. Brrr….. [ Mia’s aside > Switched out old water hose for insulated hose to prevent freezing. Tested Ms. Lucy’s heating capacity in the “Hold” where all plumbing lives. Clean out  compartment where plumbing stuff lives – including desiccated mouse carcass and spiders nests. YUCK!  Really hated that part – had been putting it off.  Inserted remote thermometer into the Hold area so we can monitor the temps in the hold. – Ok – enough complaining – it looks and feels a ton better now! ] Back to the tale of the multimeter.

Why do we need our new multimeter? Let me count the ways…

We have many things electrical that do not work. Some used to work but don’t work anymore. Some never worked when we purchased Ms. Lucy.

Never worked:

These are Ms. Lucy’s wipers – they worked only once, when we first did a test drive.

Passengers Side View Mirror should be electrically adjustable.

Used to work.

Is it the light fixture that is messed up???

Or is the Switch?

Is it the Light or the Switch or maybe the Ballast?

AND Finally….

The Black Hole of Electrical Mysteries

Updates as miracles occur!!!


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