Ms. Lucy Makes Mozzarella

Making  Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese

Yesterday we made a HUGE batch of soft Mozzarella from 2 gallons of Organic whole milk.. Ohhhhhhhhhh! Yum! I am in cheese heaven! That was the first time we had made such a large batch and it actually turned out to be better that the single batches we had done previously.

Step One – heating the milk & Citric acid to 90 degrees – stirring constantly

After adding rennet – the milk should form curds – like Cottage Cheese – not pretty – but it will get better!

After the Moz was done, we had a huge pot of whey left over, so we made Ricotta from the whey.  We’ll eat the Ricotta  spread on homemade sourdough bread!  If we were going to made a pot of soup  too, last might, we would have saved the remaining whey and used it as the liquid in the soup. Unfortunately, we have VERY limited storage space in our refrigerator, so we couldn’t store the  whey for later use.

The curds never look as pretty in real life as they do in the photos from the professionals websites – Ours looks like spoiled Cottage Cheese, but it turns into great soft Moz.

Yes!! This is worth the work!

Slices of fresh  – VERY fresh cheese!

Our breakfast this morning was chunks of soft Mozzarella, homemade bread, and sweet Ricotta made from the left over whey.


2 thoughts on “Ms. Lucy Makes Mozzarella

  1. I would love to have your recipes for fresh mozzarella and sweet ricotta cheese. I plan to try your homemade noodle recipe- it sounds better than any I have so far tried. Thanks.

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