Ms. Lucy Is Ours – Last Payment Made – Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Just made our last payment on Ms. Lucy!!  And got our LP gas system up and running!! Two MAJOR victories!!  Of course we won’t be able to get the champagne for a proper celebration, until the end of the month, but I’m not complaining!!

We have all had to rough it without hot water or a stove on those occasions when the power goes out for a few hours or even a few days – and when the power is restored we again appreciate the luxury for a day or two before we accept it as “normal” and take it for granted once more. Try living without hot water or a stove / oven for six months.

What a wonderful thing it is to turn on a tap and have hot water . . . . .  you really can’t understand it, unless you haven’t had that luxury for six months. – or the excitement that I feel knowing I have a real oven to use again. I’ve just decided that the bright blue of a gas flame is one of the prettiest colors in the world.

Oh That Beautiful Blue!!

No more packing up my shampoo, soap, towels, clean clothes into a tote bag and arming myself with a broom and Clorox spray cleaner before trudging half a block to an unheated bath house which provided a floor drain and a water heater.Was NEVER cleaned, not even once, unless I did it, and was inhabited by HUGE daddy long leg spiders, mosquitoes, and later by giant jumping spiders when ever I was not using it. The “maintenance” man who is supposed to clean the bath house, considered the job done if he managed to change the trash bag once very six weeks.

In order to take a shower there, I had to first use the broom to clear out the daddy long legs, then the spray cleaner to get rid of the mosquitoes that camped out in the moisture in the shower stall, and as the weather got cooler, I had to Whack the jumping spiders with a broom and then sweep them out too before getting down to the business of cleaning the shower stall for my own use. Sometimes that was no big deal – other times it was disgusting, depending on who or what had bathed there before me. Being a guy, Bill didn’t worry too much about the spiders , but it couldn’t have been pleasant in the Men’s side of the bath house. Now we can have a nice hot shower in the privacy of our own clean bathroom at any time  we want, as often as we want without wondering if someone will walk in on us.

Thank heaven for hot plates! With our little two burner hot plate we managed to heat enough water to do dishes, and to cook basic meals, although the prep time was huge – the elements heat so slowly that it took at least half an hour or more to heat enough water for a sink full of dishes, and the rinse was in cold water. Cooking options were limited to boiling (actually simmering) or frying sort of. No roasting, baking or broiling, or using a microwave or Crock pot.

Tonight will be baked acorn squash and Smackeral cakes. Tomorrow, roasted beets and potatoes and a small pork loin. – ahhhhh the miracle of a gas oven.


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