Heat, Hot Water, Hope & Indoor Cooking – Hallelujah!!!

The precious package that we’ve been waiting for

Funny how we take the little things for granted until we don’t have them.  We have just received our brand new “Extend A Stay Plus” – a pricey brass fitting / adapter and two hoses that will allow us to use an external propane tank rather than having to use only the internal tank for heating water and for cooking and heating.  – If the internal tank is used alone, you must physically drive the RV to a propane fill station every time you need more propane. This probably made sense to the designers of the RVs, who envisioned the units as luxury items that would be used several times a year for recreational traveling. –  For full timers who have set up on a long term site it doesn’t work well.

When we got Ms. Lucy, we set her up in a quiet semi – long term site where we could live economically while fixing her up and making her long haul road worthy To move her every couple of weeks for a propane fill was not an option we wanted to take. During the summer months it was no big deal, we used the bath house for hot showers and a nice little two burner hot plate plus a microwave was sufficient for cooking, and heating enough hot water for dishes and cleaning. As the seasons advanced into Fall, the unheated bath house became a much less inviting option. To the rescue .  . . the Extend a Stay.!!

Info for other RVers who may want to check out this source.

Bill found the best deal online at adventurerv.net. He ordered on Thursday and we received this beauty on Saturday, October 13. Can’t really tell too much from just one order, but at least with this item, they were efficient, very competitively priced, and fast!! We’re now waiting for the friendly RV Service guy to come out and test the propane system for leaks and then install the Extend a Stay and fire up the water heater and stove for the first time. The idea of actually being able to shower again in the privacy of our own bathroom is sooooo sweet. Yes, the shower will be a “Navy” style shower, but it will be in our own bathroom and we can take two or even three a day if we want!  The option of using a real oven again!! Roasting vegetables and meats – baking, unbelievable joy!!

Paying off Ms. Lucy has been a long haul but it will finally be completed this week. That means we can start moving ahead with our plans for Ms. Lucy’s rehab. – Hot water, Heat, Indoor cooking . . . Hope.


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